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MonkeyWhat is animalfunfacts.net?
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On animalfunfacts.net, you’ll find lots of exciting, fun and incredible information about animals. We have a clear image of most animals in our heads. Cows go moo, cockroaches have six legs and ostriches can run pretty fast.

But did you know that cows have accents, that cockroaches can live without their heads and that the ostrich weighs more than 300 lb (140 kg) but its brain is only 1.4 oz (40 g)? You can find plenty of exciting information like this and more on animalfunfacts.net.

• animalfunfacts.net in German language

You are learning German? Excellent! We hope you enjoy it and here we have a tip for you: animalfunfacts.net is not only available in German but in English, too! By clicking on the flag on the top right you get to our English edition named tierchenwelt.de (i. e. „small animal world“ in German)! There you will find all animal fact sheets, knowledge articles and videos in German language.

• Coloring Pages

As well as animal factsheets, records and reports, you’ll find 90 beautiful coloring pages on animalfunfacts.net. You can download and print them out, color them in, decorate them with fun stamps.

• Animal Quizzes

And there’s more than 25 fun animal quizzes with lots of big pictures. Test your animal knowledge!

• Personality Tests

If you want to know what pet would be perfect for you, then test yourself in our games section!

In our pet section, you’ll find out all the pros and cons of pet ownership and how much it cots. And if you’re looking for a great name for your pet, you can’t go wrong with our "Pet Names” section.

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