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facts elephantWhat is is an animal encyclopedia for children. It explains the world of animals to children and young people in an exciting, entertaining and joyful way. These age-appropriate texts are full of fun facts and lively examples that make reading and learning fun. The German edition of this site was set up in July of 2008. The English edition started in May of 2018. This animal encyclopedia is a “safe surfing space” for children.

How does support children?

• Acquisition of knowledge

Fun with learning, “edutainment”, is our top priority. This encyclopedia offers plenty of fun facts, and information that’s easy to find and understand. Simple, short sentences, manageable text lengths and lively examples ensure this. Fact sheets and records are especially popular for school work e.g. for presentations. 

facts moose• Reading and writing skills

The age-appropriate factual texts are a joy to read and improve reading skills. encourages children to practice their own writing skills by drafting their own articles that they can submit as “fan factsheets”.

• Media skills supports children in developing media skills online. The clear set-up makes it easy for them to access information for school.

This lets kids get familiar with and understand the internet as a research tool.

Language competence/multilingualism also has an English language edition:

EN DEAll animal fact sheets, knowledge articles and videos are available in both German and English. A click on the flag symbol on the top right brings the user from to its English edition - and back.

Reading texts in a foreign language is always a challenge for children and learners. Especially funny and exciting texts as seen on make it easier to access to the foreign language. Simple sentence structure and clear explanations help the readers to understand the facts.

The German edition of enables access to a child-friendly site for kids and teenagers. It encourages them to learn English and / or German, improves their literacy skills and increases their individual educational opportunities.

biodiversity• Awareness of nature awakens kids’ interest and curiosity for the diversity of the animal kingdom. Facts about animals’ extraordinary abilities show them how fascinating and wondrous each individual animal is. This gets them interested in finding out more about their habitats, lives and needs.

This is how the animal encyclopedia gets across just how important animals are for the ecosystem as a whole and hones their awareness of just how important it is to protect animal species.

• Creativity

The interactive coloring pages stimulate creativity.

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