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Awards and Quality Seals

Comenius EduMedia-SiegelComenius-EduMedia-Seal of Approval 2022 for the German edition of (

The German Edition of ( was once again awarded the Comenius EduMedia seal by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI) on June 23, 2022 as an outstanding digital educational medium in in the category of mathematical and scientific education.

Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2022 The Comenius EduMedia Award was awarded for the 27th time in 2022. Digital educational media from almost 200 publishers, projects and authors from 14 countries were subjected to a quality check in this year's competition. The seal certifies that all award winners have a high pedagogical, didactic, aesthetic and technical quality.

Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval 2018 for the German edition of (

Great educational value! On 21.06.18 the German edition of ( was awarded the Comenius EduMedia Seal in the mathematical and scientific education category.

The Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media „John Amos Comenius“ (GPI) a scientific society for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics awarded the Comenius EduMedia Award for exemplary digital educational media for the 23rd time. By awarding the Comenius Awards, the GPI promotes educational, content and design outstanding, digital educational media.

At the award ceremony in Berlin, the chairman of the GPI, Dr. Bernd Mikuszeit, pointed out the importance of media literacy as a new key competence. Digital educational media should also be designed and realized according to traditional didactic principles. The GPI honors this engagement with the Comenius EduMedia Award.

Digital educational media from more than 250 publishers, projects and authors have been quality-checked at this year's competition by an international panel of experts from six European countries. The seal of approval certifies the award winners a high didactic and media quality.

Photo: Martin Steinau

UN Decade Declared Project 2020 UN Decade Declared Project 2018 UN Decade Declared Project 2016• German edition of ( is a project of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2020

The German edition of ( was declared an official project of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity on 23.06.20, again. Previously, received the award in 2016 and 2018. This honor is bestowed upon projects that work towards the preservation of biological diversity in an exemplary way.

UN Decade on BiodiversityThis work impressed the jurors of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity very much. As well as a certificate and a plaque, the German edition received a “diversity tree” that stands for the colorful diversity and unique beauty of the very nature that the site is helping to preserve.

This honor was awarded by Markus Erlwein from the Bavarian State Association for Bird Protection (LBV) on behalf of the UN Decade. The LBV is the fourth largest natural protection association in Germany, the Bavarian partner association of the NABU, and has been working towards natural preservation, species protection, habitat preservation and environmental education for over 100 years.

Photo: Roland Gerhardt

German Reading PrizeGerman Reading Prize 2015 for the German edition of (

The German edition of ( was honored with the German Reading Prize 2015 as an exceptional project providing a long-term contribution towards reading in Germany.

“The prize winners are ambassadors and role models for the successful promotion of reading,” said Managing Director of the reading foundation, Dr Jörg F Maas, at the awards ceremony on November 25th 2015 at the packed Humboldt Carée in Berlin.

German Reading Prize 2015A 13-member jury from education, business, politics and culture examined and evaluated a total of 209 applications. convinced them. In particular, they praised the fact that enables children to acquire the necessary media skills on the Internet and prepares them for the “big, wide web” as an age-appropriate, safe Internet offering. is an “equally serious and playful media school and knowledge site”.

Silke Menne, the editor of, was therefore awarded third place with the German Reading Prize in the “Outstanding Individual Commitment” category for her children's portal.

Photo: © Stiftung Lesen / Amin Akhtar

More Awards:

BBWF• The Federal Association for Education BBWF e.V. awards and the German edition of ( with its quality seal in 2020

The Federal Association for Education, Science and Research (BBWF) awards this seal after finding especially interesting, promising educational concepts, ideas and inventions. The BBWF believes that “education, science and research” are among the most important missions of a modern country like the Federal Republic of Germany. To this end, it supports educational measures and operates projects such as “Spaß am Lernen” (Have Fun Learning) or “PC for Kids” (for more computers in schools). The German edition of also received this seal in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Quality seal: © BBWF e.V. –

Goldener Spatz 2015 Nominiert• Nominated for the Golden Sparrow 2015 – German edition of ( is one of the top 10 nature websites!

The Golden Sparrow has been the largest children’s media festival in Germany for over 30 years. Each year, children’s films, cartoons, documentaries and short films are premiered - in front of the very people they are made for: children. The jury of children doesn’t just give out awards for films, but also chooses their favorite website. In 2015, an award was handed out for the best website in the “nature” category. was nominated by the children and is one of the top ten best nature websites.

netcode LogoRGBErfurter Netcode awarded the German edition of ( their quality seal for child-appropriate websites

The aim behind Erfurter Netcode is to open up the internet to children as a place that promotes educational, fun and identity-confirming experiences in a social environment. The association hands out its recognized quality seal “Erfurter Netcode” to exceptional websites for children. The websites are reviewed by media education experts from Erfurter Netcode. A jury of children then test the websites and pass judgment.

From the official press release:

silke erfurter netcode 1silke erfurter netcode 2“This animal encyclopedia for children perfectly combines knowledge with playing and fun. The content is clear and child-friendly, and navigation is transparent. As well as astonishing glimpses into the animal kingdom, the site also provides important media-related information and explains: what is advertising and data protection? Through this information, and by allowing children to get involved in the design of the website, the German edition of ( promotes children’s media skills.”

Silke from at the Erfurter Netcode awards ceremony. Photos: Frank Röhrer is recommended by:

The German edition of ( is also recommended by Blinde Kuh, Helles Köpfchen (both German children’s search engines), learn:line NRW (a service for teachers in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia), (a service for school students, parents and teachers in Germany) and several other institutions and learning platforms.

Helles Köpfchen - Die Suchmaschine für Kinder und Jugendliche Die Blinde Kuh - Suchmaschine für Kinder bildwort marke learnline rgb

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