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tierchenwelt Humpback on TV

• Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

On 02.16.15, the German edition of ( helped a contestant on the German version of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” to win 64,000 euro.

“I know the answer,” said Rimvydas Kisevicius as soon as he saw the 64,000 euro question. Even though the question definitely wasn’t easy. It was: “Who uses bubble nets as a creative way to catch prey?” The answer: “humpback whales” - and Kisevicius was even able to explain how they used their “bubble nets”.

After the question, the contestant explained that he’d read the answer on a “great website” called “”. He had found out lots more interesting facts with his daughter, and even laughed at funny animal names, like the “velvety fruit-eating bat”.

This shows that children and adults don’t just learn things on but also retain the knowledge and have fun doing it. And on 02.16.15, this knowledge was worth a lot of money. You can find the episode in the media archive on RTL NOW.

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