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Army Ant

Army Ant Facts

Size Unknown
Speed Unknown
Weight Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Food Worms, lizards, frogs, larger vertebrates
Predators Unknown
Habitat South and Central America, Africa, Asia
Order Hymenoptera
Family Ants
Scientific name Ectioninae, Dorylinae and Aenictinae
Characteristics Goes on raids and hunts

Main Characteristics

The army ant isn't a distinct species. The term refers to over 200 ant species that have a certain behavior in common: They go on raids. That is why they are also called army ants or legionary ants.

Army Ant Army Ant - Photo: Dr. Morley Read/Shutterstock


Army Ants Are on the Warpath

You don’t mess with army ants. They train soldiers to explore new areas and go on expeditions. Any animals that can’t get out of their way in time will be strategically cornered and destroyed. Not even pets are safe.


Army Ants Don't Build Nests

In a way, they ARE the nest. Whenever they’re not plundering their way around, army ants make a living nest with their own bodies. They hold onto each other’s legs, making a huge ball. No joke! If an enemy turns up, the soldiers make their way to the outside and defend the nest.

Army Ant Army Ant - Photo: Dr. Morley Read/Shutterstock

Senses and Abilities

Army Ants Build Bridges Made of Themselves

No Bridge? No Problem! If army ants come across a river, they wouldn’t even dream of turning around or finding another route. They build a living bridge with their own bodies.

Army Ant Army Ant - Photo: Dr. Morley Read/Shutterstock


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