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Spring Dor Beetle

Spring Dor Beetle Facts

Size 0.5-0.8 in (12-20 mm)
Speed Unknown
Weight Unknown
Lifespan 2-3 years
Food Dung
Predators Birds, snakes
Habitat Europe
Order Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
Family Earth-boring dung beetles
Scientific name Geotrupes vernalis
Characteristics Looks after its young

Main Characteristics

Spring dor beetles are small beetles that belong to the dung beetle family. They live in forests and especially like sandy soils and feed on droppings.

Spring Dor Beetle Facts Photo: Florian Andronache/Shutterstock


Where Does the Name Come From?

The spring dor beetle got its name because offspring emerge in May.


Spring Dor Beetle Facts Photo: Himilsbah/Shutterstock

Anatomy and Appearance

How Do Spring Dor Beetles Look Like?

Spring dung beetles have a groove on their carapace and "feathered" legs. They boast a metallic shimmer, either blue, green or blue-black. You can even find dark purple spring dor beetles on North Sea islands. They have their own name in these region: geotrupes vernalis insularis. “Insula” is Latin for “island”.

Spring Dor Beetle Facts Photo: PeterVrabel/Shutterstock

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