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Here you'll find plenty of animals available as amazing coloring pictures and printable coloring pages - for free!

Click on a coloring page and you're ready to paint!

Funny monkeys, peculiar beavers, cute squirrels, cheeky meerkats, funny sloths, sweet hamsters, playing cats, ponies, turtles and raccoons - here are the most popular animals as free printable coloring pages.


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Almost 90 coloring pages are waiting to be painted with crayons, felt or watercolors. Those with easy outlines are for younger children, but there also advanced and more detailed drawings for older children. Even pretty Easter, Christmas and football templates are available. If you want to print one of the coloring pages and need help, ask your parents or relatives.

You can also make a small booklet. Just print out several coloring pages, punch them and use a filing strip fastener or a folder to have a nice selection with you wherever you go.

Have you ever thought about putting some words in the mouth of an animal? It can be fun to think about what the animals would say to each other and then to draw a speech bubble. You can also come up with a name for them and draw a name tag.

The fox, the badger and the hamster and the bee go to school. What do they learn and what grades do they get? Which football team plays the frog, the raccoon and the skunk for? And who wins?

We had fun in creating some unusual Easter templates: The rabbit wears a chick costume and the chick and the sheep wear a rabbit costume! In addition, they hold a brush in their hands and paint each other as if they were Easter eggs;)


Of course, there are some beautiful coloring pages for Christmas. The reindeer is no longer pulls the sled, but helps Santa Claus by driving the presents to the children with a cool scooter. In another coloring page it adorned itself like a Christmas tree and carries Christmas tree balls in its antlers and a star on its head.

The animals are musical, too. The penguin raps, the skunk breakdances, the orangutan sings along with the frog and the hamster sums while jogging with its mp3 player.

Speaking of sports, the animalfunfact characters are super fit! The frog does high jump or goes hiking, the spider and the crocodile play ice hockey, the orangutan and the owl go skiing and the hedgehog and the mole drive kart. Of course in winter they also skate and throw snowballs. In summer paddling and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is popular.

Of course, there should be something to enjoy, too. This includes delicious things to eat and drink! The bee bakes muffins that the penguin eats with relish. The ant has fresh lice juice (yuck!) and the cat nibbles a lollipop.

And the sloth? Just hangs around;) You can think of many beautiful stories around the coloring pages! Have lots of fun with it!


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Free Coloring Pages for Kids - Coloring Animals! You can save the free animal coloring page to your computer, print it and paint it. A large selection of beautiful coloring pages with animals can be found in the overview on Have fun!

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