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Which pet is right for me? Which dog breed? Or cat breed? Each test includes a range of questions. After you’ve answered, you’ll see results with animals that could be a good fit for you. Try it out!

Pet Picker QuizWhich Pet is Right for Me?

Dog, cat, bird, hamster, guinea pig, fish, rat, degu, chinchilla, tortoises or do you even think to get an exotic pet like a gecko?

Well, it's really not that easy to choose a pet! Here you can see which pet best meets your expectations of a pet and which fits into your regular schedule.

Border CollieWhat Kind of Dog Would Suit Me?

There are lots of different dog breeds and each has their own quirks.

Some breeds like to spend hours outside running and romping or they are eager to learn tricks while others just enjoy a lazy life as a lap dog.

Which breed would suit you best?

BengalWhich Cat Would Suit Me?

Cats are not all the same. There are cat breeds that shed less or shed particularly much. For many cat lovers this is quite important to know before buying a cat.

Did you know that long-haired cats do not always shed more than short-haired cats? And for some, it's the other way around!

In this test, you’ll find out which cat would suit you best.

American Guinea PigWhich Small Pet Would Suit Me Best?

Hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chinchillas, degus or rabbits? So many to choose from!

If you took these small furballs straight to your heart, you are spoiled for choice! But be aware: Not all are diurnal, some are also nocturnal. Which rodents or rabbits could be best for you?

BudgieWhich Birds Would Suit Me Best?

Canaries, cockatiels, zebra finches, budgies - there are so many great birds to choose from.

Some of them can sing very nice, others even have a talent for learning to speak. But beware: there are also noisy birds! And keeping birds also means work. Which birds would be right for you?

Bearded DragonWhich Exotic Pet Would Suit Me Best?

Reptiles can also be fascinating pets, like geckos und tortoises.

You can even keep insects. Rhinoceros beetles, praying mantises, walking leaves and stick insects are exciting to look at and are a lot of fun for beginners. You can even hold amphibians: the axolotl.

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