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Which Pet Guinea Pig Would Suit Me Best?

Straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair, whorls, one color or interesting markings? With all these cute, exciting guinea pigs to choose from, making a decision isn’t easy. Each breed is cuter than the last!

This little test will help you get an idea of which guinea pig would be ideal for you. Take the test and find out! We’ve also given you some helpful info below the test!

Our Guinea Pig Pet Section

In our pet check you will find detailed guinea pig profiles for the most popular breeds as well as useful tips for keeping them in the cage, stable and enclosure.

Guinea Pigs for Beginners

Which guinea pig is right for you depends on your own experience. If you’ve already had guinea pigs, you’ll know how to pick them up properly, how to care for their fur and cut their claws, and what you need to keep in mind when it comes to food. If a guinea pig has long and/or curly hair, combing/brushing needs a little skill. And lots of patience as well as time. A beginner could easily get overwhelmed, or it could become too much work. Inexperienced owners are best off with low-maintenance breeds like the American or Crested guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs With Special Looks

Guinea pigs with smooth, short coats that are one simple color look very cute and neat. And they’re the most popular by far. But there are also guinea pigs that have really unusual looks, with colorful markings, a white crest, cute bangs, a funny parting, corkscrew curls, cute fluffy cheeks or curly fur all over. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle on one breed, as you never keep one single guinea pig alone. You have to keep them in pairs at least - or even better, in a small group.

Which Guinea Pigs Can Live Outside?

One common question is whether guinea pigs can live outside, or which guinea pigs can live inside. If you have a garden or a large balcony, you might be considering keeping your animals outside. Short-haired guinea pigs are best suited to this, as they gather less dirt and moisture from the ground or grass. This can allow bacteria to breed in the fur, leading to sickness. Guinea pigs with long hair aren’t suitable for keeping outside, so are better off in the home.

Which Guinea Pig Breeds Live the Longest?

All guinea pigs live for around four to six years. There are no breeds that have particularly short or long lifespans. But in such small animals, health has a major impact on life expectancy.

Which Guinea Pigs Are the Most Trusting?

Guinea pigs aren’t stuffed animals you can pet. They get very fearful and freeze out of panic. They don’t like being picked up and carried either.

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