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Which Exotic Pet Would Suit Me Best?

A dog? Needs walking every day. A cat? Scratches the furniture. Birds? Too loud. Guinea pigs? Smelly. Hamsters? Only awake at night. Have we got through all the clichés yet? Of course, we have exaggerated a little. But if you want an unusual, exotic pet rather than something “normal”, you might find what you’re looking for here!

Exotic pets have different needs. Take the test to find out which would suit you and your life! 

Below the test, you’ll find more information about axolotls, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, tortoises, praying mantises, rhinoceros beetles and more! Please wait until the test has loaded.

Our Exotic Pets Section

There are detailed profiles on exotic pets and useful tips for keeping them in our pet check.


Okay, let’s take a look at some exotic pets! What pros and cons are there with these pets? What are their special features and highlights? On, we’ll only show you pets that aren’t too difficult to keep and that should be fine for most people. There’s one thing all these animals have in common. These animals are for watching. They don’t learn tricks and they don’t like to be petted.


Axoltls look very cute paddling through the water, and their pink skin is super sweet. As amphibians, they can be kept in an aquarium - it’s not rocket science as long as you’ve done your research beforehand. Downsides: ?

• Bearded Dragon and Gecko

Bearded dragons, crested geckos and leopard geckos are reptiles. These animals are like little dinosaurs and have fascinating colorings/markings or even zigzag patterns on their bodies. However: they need live food (insects). You should know this in advance, as feeding live worms can take a little getting used to.

• Mediterranean Tortoise

When you watch a Mediterranean tortoise enjoy lettuce in slow-motion, taking each day as it comes, it feels like time stops and you really enjoy the wonderful peace and serenity that they radiate. Unlike other exotic pets, they’re a little more difficult to keep. They need an outdoor run, and not everyone has their own garden. These animals can also live for up to 100 years, so you’ll have to think about it living longer than you and think about who would look after it.


Insects as pets? Hey, we don’t mean mosquitos! Insects can be incredibly pretty and impressive. This especially goes for the praying mantis. But they also need live food. If you’d prefer a diet of vegetables, fruits and leaves, you might be better off looking at rhinoceros beetles, flower chafers, stick insects and leaf insects. Rhinoceros beetles have interesting “horns”, while flower chafers come in cool bright colors. Stick insects look like sticks and leaf insects - well, you can probably guess! Sadly, these animals only live for a couple of months up to two years.

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