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Lemur - Pet Tips

Here, you’ll find out how to keep a lemur as a pet.

This is a “what if” scenario, if lemurs were allowed to be kept as pets. Just a little game. Because: even if it was legal, keeping a lemur as a pet would be horrible for the animal. Why? Find out here: Can You Keep a Lemur as a Pet? Keeping a lemur as a pet can be two things: wonderful and an absolute nightmare. Let's start with the “do”s and “don’t”s:

Lemur Lemur - Photo: Yannick Vidal/Shutterstock


On the menu is tamarind, fruit, leaves and vegetables. They always need fresh water. Treats could be raisins, almonds and grapes. There are lots of toys that are hollow in the middle. Perfect for hiding food, which the animal has to get out. The benefit is that the animal’s mind is kept active and they don’t get bored.


There are a few simple tricks:

- put treats inside a toilet paper tube
- put treats inside a plastic box that can be opened or unscrewed
- put treats inside a plastic water bottle
- put treats in a pine cone

Lemur Lemur - Illustration: Silke/

Lemur Enclosures

You can’t actually buy a lemur enclosure that’s big enough. You have to build it yourself. The material should be weather-proof and escape-proof e.g. wood and aluminum. All doors and hatches must be locked. Not just because the lemur could escape, but also because people might steal it. And if the lemur escaped and bit someone, the lemur could be seized. You should also add warning signs so that nobody puts their finger in the cage.

Lemur Toys

Lemurs like boxes, paper bags and hay to play with. They also like toys made from elastic that they can swing from.


Training Lemurs

With some little treats (e.g. raisins), you can treat lemurs to sit or go to a certain place on command. You can also train them to get used to human contact. The reason? The animal is less stressed when it has to be looked at by a veterinarian.

Sterilization, Castration

Lemurs between six and ten months should be sterilized (females) or castrated (males). Why? Otherwise, the lemur would be aggressive to humans. The procedure is especially expensive for males, as the testicles haven’t grown out yet, making the operation more complicated.

Behavior - “That’s Mine!”

You should never (!) take anything away from a lemur. Not a toy, or food. They can be very protective and can attack by jumping onto your head.

Friends Visiting? Into the Enclosure!

When your friends visit, the lemur must stay in the enclosure as lemurs are very fixed on their owners and may attack other/new people.

Are You Allowed to Keep Lemurs as Pets?

It depends where you live. In these two articles, you will find out where it’s allowed and where it’s not.


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