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Hinnies, Mules, Zonkeys and Zorses

Are mules really donkeys? What exactly is a mule? Do Zesel and Zorsen actually exist?

Let tell you all about crosses between donkeys, horses and zebras and what they look like!

You’ve probably heard of hinnies and mules. They result when two different species from the horse family (scientifically: equus) mate: a male horse with a female donkey or a male donkey with a female horse.

But zonkeys? And zorses? They can’t be real, surely? Yes, they are! There are actually crosses between horses and donkeys and zebras. Their names are funny, and they look funny too. The following pages will tell you all about where these crosses come from.


All About Hinnies, Mules, Zonkeys and Zorses

ZonkeyZonkey - Photo: Peter Etchells/Shutterstock



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