Baby Animal Terms

Is there anything more adorable than baby animals? These cute little things even have their own names. Find out here what they’re called! Foals, fawns and puppies are pretty well-known but what about kits, pups and kids - have you ever heard of these terms?

Antelope Calf
Elephant Calf
Duck Duckling
Fish (general) Spawn, roe
Hippopotamus Calf
Frog Tadpole
Fox Cub, pup
Rabbit Kit
Deer Fawn
Chicken Chick
Dog Puppy
Cat Kitten
Cow Calf
Salmon Fry
Partridge Chick
Rhinoceros Calf
Horse Foal, filly, yearling
Predators Cub
Roe Deer Fawn
Cattle Calf
Seal Cub
Sheep Lamb
Butterfly Caterpillar
Harbor Seal Cub
Pig Piglet
Tiger Cub
Birds (general) Chick, nestling
Quail Chick
Whale Calf
Wild Boar Piglet
Zebra Foal
Goat Kid

Baby Pandas Baby Pandas - Photo: Hung Chung Chih/Shutterstock

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