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Funny Animal Names That Really Exist - Mammals

Biologists have also come up with some funny names for animals. You can’t really take them too seriously, can you?

Deer Mouse Photo: filin174/ (mouse), 24 Novembers/ (antlers)


Are there golden monkeys? Or green ones? Are there monkeys that are on a diet?


Green Monkey

The green monkey’s fur isn’t really green, but it has a gray-green sheen.

Howler Monkey

Howler monkeys get their name from their loud screaming. They can reach up to 100 decibels (find out more about loud animals in our article on the loudest animals). Their howls can be heard several kilometers away and are supposed to tell other howler monkeys not to set foot in their territory. This means they can avoid fights. Practical!

Golden Lion Tamarin

Lion tamarins have long, dense hair around their heads. It kind of looks like a lion’s mane. One type of lion tamarin even has bright orange-red fur: the golden lion tamarin. To find out more about this animal, check out zoo conservation.

Long-Nosed Monkey

Yep. These monkeys look exactly how you’d expect. They have a huge schnoz that looks like a big pear. In our article on the ugliest animals in the world, you’ll find out why - it all makes sense!

Slender Loris

On a diet? The slender loris is actually thinner than its relative, the slow loris.


Snub-Nosed Monkey

Speaking of noses: there are also monkeys with very, very, very short noses. They’re so short that they actually don’t have noses at all - just nostrils.

Rabbits and Hares

Some rabbits and hares have super funny names, just take a look!

Swamp Rabbit

The swamp rabbit actually lives in swamps and bogs. They are very good swimmers.

Whistling Hare

Whistling hares give out a high-pitch sound to warn of danger and as a signal of recognition.

Hoofed Animals

Warty Pig

Warty pigs have wart-like growths on their faces (but it’s not an illness).


Ever seen a mouse with antlers? Or a gopher with pockets? Here are the funniest rodent names!

Deer Mouse

Does this mouse have antlers? That would be funny, but sadly no. The deer mouse has a two-tone coat, which is brown on its back and white on its belly. This means it looks very similar to the coat of a white-tailed deer.

Jumping Mice

Ever seen a mouse jumping? Like a kangaroo? Us neither. But it exists. They actually jump on their back legs and can jump distances up to 2 meters. They only do this when they have to escape from a predator. Jumping mice are also good climbers and swimmers.

Pocket Gopher

The pocket gopher has large fur pockets on the outside of its cheeks where it can store food. To clean them, the pocket gopher simply pulls its pockets inside out and empties them. They spend most of their time in tunnels under the ground, where they nibble on roots and tubers. By the way: there’s also a pocket mouse :)

Water Rat

If someone loves swimming and goes to the pool all the time, we might call them a “water rat”. Did you know that the water rat is actually a real animal? Rats really seem to inspire people’s imaginations. Here are more funny names. There’s: the tree rat (actually lives in trees), the river rat (you guessed it, lives by rivers), the can rat and the mole rat.


Does the spectacled bear need glasses? Does the monk seal live in a monastery? There are just so many questions about these weird names!

Monk Seal

There isn’t an official explanation for how this name came about. It’s said that the fatty layer at its neck resembles a monk’s habit.

Spectacled Bear

The spectacled bear is completely black or dark brown - apart from the yellowy white stripes around its eyes. Hence the name.

Funny Animal Names that Really Exist


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