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Funny Animal Names that Really Exist - Fish

Here are the funniest fish names - they actually exist!

Did you know that fish like to play the clown? Only by name, of course! Here are the funniest fish names!

Flashlight Fish Photo: noon@photo/ (flashlight); pookpiik/ (goldfish)


Need help moving? Then pack your things into this boxfish! Well, you might be better off with some real boxes. You won’t easily confuse the boxfish for a cardboard box, and it’s a good job - they’re not great at carrying things. They get their name from their boxy, cuboid shape.



Its bright colors give the clownfish its name.

Flashlight Fish

Oh, that a very sweet idea: A group of fish heads out in the evening with small, colorful lanterns and sings "I go outside with my lantern ....". Ok, these fish actually do not sing, but you can see them actually glowing, because they have a so-called "luminous organ" beneath their eyes that generate light with the help of small bacteria living in it. Any questions? Well. Why do fish need to glow? To attract prey.


It's not made of glass, but you can see throught it as if it were made out of glass! You're reading right, there are fish that are transparent. Their bones and guts are visible by eye. Read more about the glassy fish in our article 10 Animals that are Transparent.


Fish usually breathe with their gills (here you find a knowledge article about Gill Breathing). In addition, lungfish have a simplified lung and can therefore survive outside the water for a while. In some cases for several years (!). The animals build a shell of mud and mucus with a small vent through which they breathe. The question is: why? African lung fish sometimes have to survive long periods of drought.


The lumpfish is a heavy, bulky fish that lives on the seabed.


Sea Wolf

Sea wolves are eel-shaped predatory fish that live in cold waters. They have large heads and strong jaws with long fangs. They're called wolf eels, too.


The wrymouth fish is characterized by its elongated, eel-shaped body, and its lower jaw that extends beyond the upper jaw, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Funny Animal Names that Really Exist


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