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Ants are part of the hymenoptera order and are found almost everywhere in the world.

The Most Intelligent Insects in the World

Ants can form states with a few hundred animals or super colonies with over 20 million! Each individual ant has a specific job (e.g. hunting or gathering), the animals communicate with one another, receive guests in their homes or even take other ants as slaves.

Ants Don’t Overtake - No Traffic Jam on Ant Streets

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the ant’s book. Ants don’t have any traffic jams on their streets. Why? They don’t overtake.

While we wildly race past each other, ants just carry on stomping along one after another.

Double-lane ant streets are a shining example of order. They have their own racers and slow pokes but they all have one thing in common: they stay in line at all times. There are no overtaking manoeuvres.

If a faster ant meets a slower ant, it will simply reduce its speed and carry on behind it.

Ants build unified colonies with the same tempo. Cars drive at different speeds, tailgate, get in the way, stop or race too fast - so we don’t have a unified flow of traffic.

“Please Follow the Diversion”

If one lane is blocked, there is a little shoving and pushing. Some ants deviate to another lane until the “traffic” is even on all lanes.

How Do Ants Form Streets?

Ants can’t actually smell that far. They use their scent from a gland on their abdomen to mark the ground.

If you could see it, it would be like the lane markings on paved roads or like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail.

Leaf-Cutting Ant Leaf-Cutting Ant - Photo: Silke/

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