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Top 16 Smartest Animals in the World

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Chimpanzees are dry-nosed primates that live in the rainforests of Africa.

Chimpanzees Use Tools to Get to Food

Out of all primates, they are our closest anatomical, biochemical and physiological relatives. No wonder, as they have lots of skills that are similar to ours.

They have an impressive memory and use tools to get to food.

Chimpanzees Play Tricks on Each Other

Chimpanzees have been seen to play games and influence other chimpanzees for their benefit.

Babies cry just to get attention, even if the other chimpanzees haven’t done anything wrong.

Of course, they only do this near the “boss”, who will tell the other chimps off. If the boss isn’t there, the baby doesn’t cry.

Chimpanzees Can Talk

Chimps can even talk with people. But only using sign language.

Chimpanzee Chimpanzee - Photo: Michal Ninger/Shutterstock

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