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Top 16 Smartest Animals in the World

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Raccoons are predators that mostly live in the forests of America and Europe.

Raccoons Can Solve Thinking Tasks and then Remember the Solution

Raccoons are very social and life in their groups is very complex They also have good perception and a good memory.

They don’t find it difficult to open fiddly locks and could give primates a run for their money. As soon as they’ve found a solution for a situation, they remember it. For up to three years!

Raccoons Can Untie Knotted Shoelaces

The raccoon’s dexterity is also impressive. They can untie shoelaces, turn nuts on bolts or steal pennies from a shirt pocket.

Their paws help them out - they are similar to human hands and even have a thumb. Raccoons even use tools to get to food.

Raccoon Raccoon - Photo: Lorri Carter/Shutterstock

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