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Hare or Rabbit - What’s the Difference?

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3. Watch the Animal Eating: What Kind of Food Does it Prefer?

Hares mostly eat hard tree bark, shells, small twigs and plant shoots. Rabbits like to nibble on soft plant stems, grass and vegetables.

4. Where Does the Animal Live: In a Small Hole or on The Field?

Field or bush? That is the question. The rabbit hops through thick grasses and flees into small holes in case of danger. That’s why it’s much smaller. The hare, however, lives on the field. Due to its size, it can’t fit through dense bushes. When it needs protection, it hides in troughs on the open field.

European Hare

European Hare European Hare - Photo: Neil Burton/Shutterstock

European Rabbit

European Rabbit European Rabbit - Photo: Paul Maguire/Shutterstock

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