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Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl Facts

Size 24-28 in (62-73 cm); up to 6.2 ft (1.88 m) (wingspan)
Speed Up to 31 mph (50 km/h)
Weight 4.4-7 lb (2-3.2 kg)
Lifespan 25-50 years
Food Small mammals and vertebrates, birds, insects
Predators Foxes, martens
Habitat Europe, Asia, northern Africa
Order Owls
Family True owls
Scientific name Bubo bubo
Characteristics Large feathered ears

Main Characteristics

The eagle owl is a large owl with a powerful body and striped feathers. Its most striking feature is its feathered ears. As a habitat, it prefers a mixture of hedges, bushes, fields, forests and water bodies.

Eurasian Eagle Owl Photo: Imran Ashraf/Shutterstock

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They Can Turn Their Heads 270°

To, fro, and around - it’s not hard! Well, it can’t quite manage to look all the way around but the Eurasian eagle-owl, like all owls, can turn its head 270°! Owls can’t move their eyes, so need a very movable head for hunting.

Eurasian Eagle Owl Photo: Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock


They Are Silent Hunters

When the Eurasian eagle-owl flies, you can hardly hear its wings. This is because the Eurasian eagle-owl has several small, soft feathers that are fringed at the ends. These almost swallow the sound created by air rushing past. This means that prey can’t hear the bird as it hunts.

Eurasian Eagle Owl Photo: KOO/Shutterstock



Do eagle owls build nests? No. The Eurasian eagle-owl doesn’t build its own nests. Instead, it nests in caves, hollows or abandoned eyries of other birds of prey.


Baby Owls

The baby birds hatch after around 35 days of incubation. There are usually two to four baby Eurasian eagle-owls, which weigh around two ounces (60 grams). They usually stay with their parents for around five months.

They Are Monogamous

Once a Eurasian eagle-owl find its partner, they stay together for the rest of their days. During mating season, the male even feeds the female.

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Eurasian Eagle Owl Photo: Marcin Sylwia Ciesielski/Shutterstock

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