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Kakapo Facts

Size 20-24 in (50-60 cm)
Speed Unknown
Weight 4.4-8.8 lb (2-4 kg)
Lifespan 50-65 years
Food Plants, insects, pollen, seeds, fruit, invertebrates
Predators Cats, stoats
Habitat Anchor/Codfish Island
Order Parrots
Family New Zealand parrots
Scientific name Strigops habroptilus
Characteristics A parrot that can’t fly

Main Characteristics

Fan Facts L.R.The kakapo is the only parrot in the world that can’t fly. It has a face veil like an owl, and smells like flowers, honey and beeswax. Kakapos are active at night.

Kakapo Kakapo - Photo: Imogen Warren/Shutterstock

Life Expectancy

How Long Do Kakapos Live?

A kakapo can live to up to 90 years!


Kakapo Kakapo - Photo: Imogen Warren/Shutterstock

Enemies and Threats

The Kakapo Was a Critically Endangered Species

The kakapo was at risk of dying out. There were only a few more than 65 birds left. But in 1989, animal conservationists started a crazy campaign. The “Kakapo Recovery” project raised money and then gave each remaining kakapo a name and a tracker before releasing them on four different islands. There, the conservationists looked after the kakapos. They even got rid of all the rats on Codfish Island so that they didn’t kill the kakapo chicks.


Kakapo Parenting

The female doesn’t get broody every year, only when the rimu tree has fruited. They lay 3-4 eggs, and the chicks hatch after 30 days. After 10 weeks, they don’t need their parents anymore and go their separate ways.

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