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Pet Names

Dog names, cat names, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and bird names!

The pet names are sorted by species such as dog or cat, you can find names matching with the pets character, names in another language or names from computer-animated films!

In total, you will find 1,200 pet names here. They are all clearly sorted into categories. For example, you can find pet names for hamsters in the category "by species". Go to "by character" if you are looking for a smart, cute or funny pet name. English, Spanish or Italian pet names are in the category "by language".

We hope these pages serve you as a source of good ideas and suggestions!


Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier - Photo: godrick/Shutterstock

All Pet Name Categories:

• Pet Names by Species:

Dog, cat, rodent or something else? Different names suit different animals.

• Pet Names by Gods and Kings:

Names of gods and kings that would suit pets.

• Pet Names by Personality

Are you looking for a name that suits your pet’s personality?

• Pet Names by Language

What about a Spanish or Italian name?


• Pet Names from TV, Movies and Games:

Name your pets after cartoon, movie or video game characters

• Pet Names by Gender

Looking for a male or female name for your pet?

• Pet Names by Number

Two pets at the same time? You’ll find great pet names here.

• Pet Names from A to Z

Here, you can search for names beginning with certain letters.

How Do You Find the Right Name For Your Pet?

It’s not easy to find a name that suits your pet. Take a close look at your new “family member”: does it have lots of colors, or a strange marking? Then the name Spot could be a good fit. Does your pet have an unusual personality? Maybe it’s always running around, turning the house upside down or doing cool tricks? Speedy, Cheeky or Einstein could be good options.

Don’t Rush Into a Decision

Sometimes, you might have a name in your head before your new “family member” even moves in. That could work out perfectly, but you might end up realizing that it doesn’t suit your pet that well. Keep your preferred name in the back of your mind and spend some time with your new pet.

Does Everyone Like the Name?

If your pet is a dog or cat, your parents and siblings should also agree to the name. After all, they all live with their new four-legged friend. Some might not like saying a name like “Stinker” when out on a walk - even if it sounds funny at first.

Slept On It?

Remember that you shouldn’t change a pet’s name. Cats and dogs especially get used to their names. A new one would confuse them. Don’t forget that dogs and cats generally live for 8-15 years. Small animals generally don’t live as long, but you should still take time to think about it properly. After all, the animal will keep that name for its whole life. The name of your favorite actor or singer isn’t always the best choice. Who knows if you’ll still like them in a couple of years?


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