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Pet Names Based on Egyptian Gods

Here you will find beautiful Egyptian god names for your pet!

The Ancient Egyptians had many gods, but most of their names aren’t ideal for naming animals. Could you imagine calling Ta-senet-nofret every day? That's why we've only listed those that are easy to pronounce or have a special meaning.

The Egyptian gods Anubis, Apophis, Isis, Osiris and Phoenix are suitable as names for pets. They have a beautiful sound. Of course, in our article we will also tell you about the attributes of each god. Below this table, you’ll find out more about animals in Ancient Egypt and which gods took which animal forms.

Bastet Bastet - Photo: KissShot/


The Most Popular Pet Names Based on Egyptian Gods:

Anubis Egpytian god of embalming and protector of the dead
Amun Egyptian God of wind and fertility
Apedemak Warrior God
Apep Serpent deity; greatest enemy of Ra, the Egpytian sun god
Aton Eyptian sun god
Bastet Goddess of fertility and happiness
Hathor Goddess of love, peace, beauty and dance
Heket Goddess of fertility
Horus God of the sky and the light; protector of children
Isis Eyptian goddess magic and wisdom
Maat Goddess of truth, balance and justice
Nefertem God of healing balms and perfume
Nephthys Sister of Isis, Osiris and Seth
Osiris Eyptian god of the dead
Phoenix symbolizes regeneration and renewal
Ptah God of craftsmen and creators
Ra Egyptian sun god
Seth God of the desert and storms; God of disorder
Sobek Crocodile god, lord of the waters
Toth Moon god; god of magic, science and writing

Sacred Animals in Ancient Egypt:

Lots of Egyptian gods looked like animals. This didn’t automatically make them holy, but they embodied a certain characteristic of the god. It was later that animals themselves were seen as holy and a person could even be punished with death for killing one, even by accident.

The people in Ancient Egypt watched animals very closely. Where they spent their time, when they turned up, what they did - all of these things were clues that they had a certain mythological task.

• Scarab

The holy scarab beetle was a very special animal for the Egyptians as, unlike any other animal, it stood for rebirth. People watched the beetles burying themselves in a ball of dung under the ground and then being “resurrected”. In reality, these were its offspring. There were lots of amulets * in the shape of scarab beetles, and this symbol was as important to the Ancient Egyptians as the cross for Christians.

• Jackal

Anubis was a judge of the dead, and guided dead people on their journeys to the other side. He was depicted as a human with the head of a jackal (a wild dog) because these animals are often seen digging in the desert.

• Snake

The snake stood for danger as well as healing.


• Frog

Frogs were a symbol of fertility, because they reproduced in great numbers on the fertile banks of the Nile.

• Cat

Cats were especially praised because they protected people’s houses from mice and other pests.

Scarab Scarab - Illustration: intueri/Shutterstock

Gods in Animal Forms

The list below will show you which gods were depicted as an animal, or several animals. Most had the body of a human and the head of an animal. The god Seth, for example, was depicted as a human with the head of a donkey. Once, his head was a mix of lots of different animals, including the aardvark, antelope, elephant shrew, camel, okapi, giraffe, sighthound, red river hog, tortoise, donkey, pig, crocodile and snake. If you have a pet cat, god names like Bastet, Tefnut or Sachmet would be a good fit. If you have a tortoise or a snake, you could opt for a name like Apophis, Amun or Nehebkau.

Donkey Seth
Falcon Horus, Montu
Hippo Taweret
Frog Heket, Nu (m), Kek (m), Heh (m), Amun (m)
Goose Geb
Vulture Nekhbet
Ibis Toth
Cat Bastet
Cobra Meretseger, Renenutet, Wadjet
Crocodile Ammit, Sobek, Taweret
Cow Hathor, Nut, Isis, Bat
Lion Apedemak, Nefertem, Wadjet, Tefnut, Schu, Sachmet
Sheep Ba-djedet, Herischef, Chnum
Jackal Anubis
Turtle Apep
Snake Nehebkau, Apep, Naunet (f), Kek (f), Heh (f), Amun (f)
Scrab Beetle Khepri
Scorpion Serket

(m) = male (f) = female

Fun Facts


In Ancient Egypt, (important) people were often mummified after their deaths. This means that their bodies were embalmed with oils and bound in cloths. The reason? The Ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation, and you needed your body to be in tact. Animals were also mummified. For example, so that people could take their beloved pets with them after death into the afterlife. But they were also used for food or to receive a blessing from a certain god. Especially cats were found mummified in graves to appease the goddess Bastet.

Pet Names Based on Egyptian Gods Pet Names Based on Egyptian Gods - Illustration: matrioshka/Shutterstock


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