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Dog Names With Q, R

Dog Names From A to Z:

Check out this list for great dog names starting with Q and R!

If you are looking for a Spanish name with Q: Querido means "beloved" and is for males, Querida is the female form than for females. Unfortunately, our yield at Q was very low. Or are we just missing nice names with a Q?

Many great names for male dogs start with R: Rambo, Rocky, Ronny, Rex and Rasputin. They are many times more popular, Rocky in particular regularly making top 10 lists for males.

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever - Photo: Olga Zabalkanska/Shutterstock


Dog Names With Q:

  • Quake
  • Queen
  • Querida
  • Querido
  • Quino
  • Quentin

Dog Names With R:

  • Rambo
  • Ren
  • Rex
  • Ricky
  • Rico
  • Rocker
  • Rocket
  • Rocko
  • Rocky
  • Rollmops
  • Roman
  • Romeo
  • Romy
  • Ronja
  • Ronny
  • Roy
  • Rubbles
  • Rufus
  • Rusty

Dog Names From A to Z:

About Famous Dogs and Their Names

Popular Dog Names Beginning With Q, R

Names beginning with R are the clear winners here. Or have we missed all the lovely Q names? Sadly, we couldn’t find many. Names with R are just much more popular, like Rocky, which is regularly in top 10 lists for male dog names.

Record Breakers Beginning With R

• Rubia – the mountain climber

In 2004, this two year old Spanish Golden Retriever made the headlines. She climbed the highest mountain in the Americas, the Aconcagua in Argentina. It’s 22,831 feet (6,959 meters) high. That’s a world record! Of course, Rubia didn’t climb the mountain alone. Her master and another two-legged friend were at her side.


The expedition to the summit was a study on the effects of great heights on dogs. After all, animals also need more energy to move at high altitudes as the air contains less oxygen. Apart from birds and insects, there are only a few mammals that live this high, like the yak, snow leopard, Tibetan gazelle and deer mouse.

• Rose – seven frisbees in one go

Rose, a six year old Labrador Collie cross made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010. She caught seven frisbees, thrown one after another, with her mouth. And she did all that without letting one fall on the ground. Her owner Edward Watsons (USA) noticed that she didn’t like to give frisbees back after she’d caught them. So he discovered her unusual talent.

• Rico – knows 77 words

Border Collie Rico was an animal star on the German TV show “Wetten, dass...?”. He proved that he could match 77 words with the right toys. And he didn’t stop at 77 words, he actually went on to master more than 250 words. Scientists were impressed and have since proved that he uses a trick called “fast mapping”. You just need to have heard a word once in connection with a certain object or situation. Until Rico, it was presumed that only humans could do this. The absolute record is held by Border Collie Chaser. He could remember an impressive 1,022 words as he learned one or two new words every day over three years.

Movie Dogs Beginning With R

• Rocky and Rubbles – from PAW Patrol

Rocky and Rubbles are two members of the heroic dog gang from the show PAW Patrol. For Rocky, recycling is the most important thing. He has a green recycling truck that’s also his dog house. Rubbles is an English Bulldog that drives a bulldozer and likes to skateboard and snowboard in his free time.

• Rantanplan – the dog from Lucky Luke

Rantanplan is always at the side of his cowboy, Lucky Luke. He’s not especially intelligent, can’t tell the difference between criminals and friends and regularly loses the scent when hunting. It’s often joked that his shadow is cleverer than him. Rantanplan has a good heart and really helps Lucky Luke.

Life Savers Beginning With R

• Rocky – the bulletproof dog

Sheepdog Rocky was a trained police dog and took his job very seriously. In 2002, he chased an armed thief and didn’t even stop when he was shot in his paw. Sadly, he died a couple of years later of a serious illness.


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