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Dog Names With T

Dog Names From A to Z:

Are you looking for nice dog names that start with T? We tell you our favorites!

Timmy, Tony, Toby and Tommy are very popular for males. But beware: Tommy should not be shortened to Tom. It's too easy to confuse this with the "Come" command.

Teddy would go well with a fluffy dog with a long, curly coat. A bulldog might be named after boxer Mike Tyson. And if you like it funny, you might choose Toffee ;)

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Dog Names With T:

  • Tappsy
  • Taylor
  • Ted
  • Teddy
  • Terry
  • Tessa
  • Tiger
  • Tigger
  • Timmy
  • Tittle
  • Toby
  • Tommy
  • Toni
  • Truck
  • Turbo
  • Tyson

Dog Names From A to Z:

About Famous Dogs and Their Names

Movie Dogs Beginning With T

• Toto - from “The Wizard of Oz”

Have you seen “The Wizard of Oz”? It’s a very old movie from 1939, but it’s often shown on TV and tells a great story about a girl that finds herself in a fantasy world. Dorothy wants to protect her Terrier Toto because her horrible neighbor threatens to have the dog taken away after being bitten. She tries to run away with him but gives up shortly after because she’s scared that her aunt would be worried.

As she arrives home, there is a tornado over their farm. Her family is already in the storm cellar, but Dorothy is too late and is swept away by the tornado, along with the whole house. This is the beginning of her fantastic journey into a magical land. Toto’s real name was actually Terry. Also a lovely name!

Record Breakers Beginning With T


• Tillman – the skateboarding dog!

Tillman the Bulldog was a big skateboarding fan. In 2013, he managed to travel 328 feet (100 meters) in just 19.5 seconds on his skateboard. That’s a world record. His nickname: Pot Roast! What a funny name! Tillman didn’t just tear around the neighborhood on his skateboard. He also loved surfing with his owner. Yes, you read that right. On a surf board! And imagine this: he also liked snowboarding. Maybe you’ve got a dog that loves trying out new things?

Life Savers Beginning With T

• True – blind and deaf, but still a hero

Katie Crosley from Oklahoma (USA) couldn’t take it that nobody wanted to adopt the blind, deaf, three-legged dachshund at her local shelter. She decided to take him in and she never regretted it. In 2012, True came into her bedroom and woke her up with urgency. Katie thought that True had to go to the bathroom, but as she opened the door, she found flames. The house was on fire and Katie was able to save herself, her small baby and her dog True. Great proof that you should never judge someone based on their appearance. What do you think? Would you adopt a dog like True?

• Toby – a master of first aid

Have you ever choked on some food? It’s often helpful to get someone to pat you on the back - and the piece of food is dislodged! In 2007, 45 year old Debbie Parkhurst from Calvert (Maryland, USA) was choking on a piece of apple. It was stuck in her throat and she was desperately struggling to breathe. But nobody was there to pat her on the back. She hit herself on the chest (which works in a similar way) but her attempts were in vain. Toby, her loyal two year old Golden Retriever had been watching his owner and reacted straight away. He knocked her to the ground and jumped up and down on her chest. Well done, Toby! The apple was dislodged and Debbie was saved.

Mythological dogs beginning with T

• Tiangou – the Chinese fable

According to legend, Tiangou is a flying black dog that eats the sun and the moon, making the sky dark. As soon as he spits them back out, they are bright again. This is how the Ancient Chinese explained solar and lunar eclipses.


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