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Cat Names With A

Cat Names From A to Z:

Beautiful names for cats that start with the letter A!

Arielle sounds magical and would certainly "suit" a sweet, elegant cat well. A slightly wilder cat that likes to roam outdoors could be called Athena because she is the goddess of battle. Abby, Annie and Aisha are definitely nice and simple and sound good.

Of course there are also great male names with A, for example Apollo - for a posh, gray tomcat? Or Aladdin for a slightly crazy, adventurous tomcat. If you would like to stay a little more neutral, you can choose Alex. It could mean both Alexander or Alexandra.

Cat drinks tap water Photo: Phant/Shutterstock


Cat Names With A:

  • Aisha
  • Alara
  • Alex
  • Alpha
  • Amazon
  • Amber
  • Amy
  • Angel
  • Angel Heart
  • Angelet
  • Anklet
  • Applepaw
  • Arabella
  • Archie
  • Archimedes
  • Ashanti
  • Ashley
  • Aslan
  • Autumn
  • Aysha
  • Azrael

Cat Names From A to Z:

About Famous Cats and Their Names

Record Breakers Beginning With A

• Alley – jumps the farthest

Alley holds the world record for the longest distance jumped by a cat. In October 2013, she managed a distance of 72 inch (182.88 cm) from standing. As a young cat, she was saved by her current owner from an alley in Chicago. As she noticed that Alley loved to jump super far, she started to train her cat.

Cartoon Cats Beginning With A

• Arlene – Garfield’s girlfriend


Arlene is a cat with pink fur and a noticeable tooth gap. She is very romantic and head over heels in love with Garfield. Garfield is in love with her as well, but maybe not as much as he loves lasagna. Sadly, it never quite works out between Arlene and Garfield. But Arlene has such a big heart that she can’t stay mad at Garfield. The name Arlene would be a great fit for an especially loving, gentle cat with light, shimmering fur. What do you think?

• Azrael – Gargamel’s cat

What would evil sorcerers be without their little helpers? Even if they only have a useless tomcat, like Gargamel from The Smurfs. He’s always cursing him, but he still couldn’t live without Azrael. Azrael feels the same way. He never believes in Gargamel’s plans but always hopes that he’ll manage to get a Smurf. Maybe your cat is missing part of their its ear like Azrael? In the comic, Azrael is a female cat with orange fur and black pupils. In the cartoon show, Azrael is a male cat with brown fur and yellow eyes with black pupils. Azrael is Arabic and means “helper of god”.

• Artemis – the white cat from Sailor Moon

Artemis is Sailor Venus’ talking cat from the cartoon Sailor Moon. He is named after the Greek god of the hunt, Artemis, and is always at Sailor Venus’ side ready to fight.

• Si and Am – from “Lady and The Tramp”

Si and Am are two cats from the animated adventure “Lady and the Tramp”. While Cocker Spaniel Lady’s owners are on holiday, Aunt Sarah moves in with Si and Am - and a whole lot of chaos. The two cats destroy the whole house. Some people might think calling two Siamese cats Si and Am is weird, but others think it’s funny. One thing’s for sure, it’s perfect for two very naughty cats.

Literary Cats Beginning With A

• Ashfoot – the young queen

Ashfoot is a cat from the Warrior Cats books. It’s a fantasy series about feral cats that live in clans. The cats all have lovely, charming names like Ashfoot. She is a young queen with gray fur and bright blue eyes.

Famous Cats Beginning With A

• All Ball – Koko’s cat

Koko the gorilla is famous for mastering human language. Okay, she might not be able to actually talk but she can use sign language to communicate and create real sentences. With those skills, it’s hardly a surprise that Koko had her own pet. A cat called All Ball, a Manx cat - who are born without tails.


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