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Pet Names for Rodents

Here you'll find great names for hamsters, chinchillas, mice, rats and guinea pigs from A to Z!

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Best Pet Names for Rodents From A to Z:

Why Are There Pet Rodent Names?

Whether you’re choosing a name for a dog or a hamster makes a big difference. A dog must be able to understand its name, otherwise it can’t listen to commands. What about rodents? Do they need to know their names too? It takes a lot longer for them to learn to react to their names. Like dogs and cats, they pay attention to the sound of a voice rather than the word. Try it out: repeat the names “Tim”, “Kim” or “Jim”. Can your pet really tell the difference?

Rodents Recognize Your Smell and Voice

If you treat your furry little friend well, your voice will have a positive association for them. Especially if they get petted or a little treat from you at the same time. Animals also recognize your scent. So, you shouldn’t use any strong-smelling shampoos or shower gels. If a friend visits and tries to call your pet, it probably won’t recognize their voice. They will simply smell and sound different.


So, you don’t need to worry about giving a hamster, chinchilla, mouse or rat a complicated name. The weirder the name, the cooler the name. Your imagination is the only limit. And you can always come up with a shortened version of the name as a nickname.

Can Rodents Be Trained to Do Tricks?

Yes. Teaching your pet rodent a few tricks can be a lot of fun. It’s all about hand gestures, body language and rewards. Unlike dogs, it can take a few weeks to teach a hamster a trick. So, you need lots and lots of patience.

Tips for Choosing the Right Name for Your Pet Rodent

1. Is Your Rodent Male or Female?

There are some names that would suit either male or female rodents e.g. Button, Brownie or Thumper. This doesn’t really work for Stella, Tarzan and Aladdin. You can ask at your local pet shop how to work out if your pet is male or female.

2. Watch Your Pet’s Behavior and Look

The best tip is to always watch the animal closely. How does it behave? What does it look like? Is there anything special about it? Something funny it does, or an unusual marking on its fur?

3. Choose a Unique Name

Names like Amy and Bella are nice but common. It might get boring after a while. Give yourself plenty of time to find a name that you’ll like for a long time.


4. Try the Name Out

Write down your favorite names and ask your family and friends which names they like. Don’t forget to check out the names in the other categories e.g. if you’re looking for a pet name for a certain color fur or an especially cute or clever name. Maybe there’s a foreign language that you like?

Rabbit Fans

Even though rabbits aren’t actually rodents, you’ll find plenty of lovely names in this category for your hoppy little friend too.

Best Pet Names for Rodents From A to Z:

Pet names for rodents Pet names for rodents - Photo: Dario Vuksanovic/Shutterstock


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