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Pet Names for Birds

Here, you find the most popular names for your bird with meaning and origin!

Here is our list of the most beautiful bird names of 2023! They go perfectly well with our feathered darlings, because they reflect the color of the feathers or the character.

We've put a lot of effort into "handpicking" the names, so to speak, so that we can present you with those that are very funny, surprising, clever or even magical. Here, you’ll find great names for your bird from A to Z. Just click on a letter to see names for that letter of the alphabet.

Pet Names for Birds From A to Z:

Budgie Photo: Vyaseleva Elena/Shutterstock


Can Birds Learn their Names?

Yes, it’s not just cats and dogs that can learn their names. Birds like budgies and other types of parrot can learn their own names. That’s why it’s best to choose something simple. Remember that your pet will listen to the melody and sound of a name than the word itself. They can’t understand human language in the way that we do. You’ll also need a lot of patience - and always be kind to your pet when you’re trying to teach it its name.

How Does a Bird Learn its Name?

First of all: if your birds have only just joined your family, they will need a little time to get used to you and their new surroundings. Everything is new for them: the cage, the room, the air, the light, the people, the food. So, give them at last one to two weeks to get used to things.

1. Patience!

Your birds first have to understand what you want from them. Imagine meeting someone that only speaks Chinese. How are you supposed to know what they’re saying is supposed to be a name? And how are you supposed to know that they’re talking about you, and not saying “hunger” or “danger”? Of course, a bird will never really be able to understand its name, but it will realize over time that a certain sound belongs to it and means something good. The main thing is that you stay patient and practice with one bird at a time in a quiet place, and don’t get disappointed if it takes a few weeks.

2. Where to Practice

Whether you’re trying to teach your bird its name or tricks: always make sure that your bird feels comfortable in its surroundings. This should be a room with no loud music and no people constantly walking through. A bright, quiet, calm room is best. Close the doors and windows so that the bird isn’t distracted, and feels safe and protected.

3. Frequent Repetitions

The more often a bird hears its name, the better it can remember it and “save” the sound. Of course, you don’t have to go around calling “Tweety!”, “Tweeeeeety!” all day long. This would be a bit much. It’s best to take 10 minutes to train your bird two to four times a day. Call its name and give it a couple of grains as a reward when it reacts. If it starts to lose interest, then it’s best to stop training straight away. Even if you’ve only just begun. Think about when you really don’t want to study for school - you probably just doodle in your homework book and don’t end up with anything good.


Pet Names for Birds From A to Z:

Pet Names for Birds Pet Names for Birds - Photo: DarAnna/Shutterstock


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