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Dog Names With N

Dog Names From A to Z:

Here come great dog names with the letter N!

Nelly is an exceptionally cute name for a little dog. Two other beautiful names in this list are also Nerida and Nemo.

Nacho is of course meant to be funny. Nalani sounds a bit more exotic - he comes from Hawaii.

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Dog Names With N:

  • Nancy
  • Nando
  • Napoleon
  • Napster
  • Natasha
  • Nellie
  • Nelly
  • Nelson
  • Nemo
  • Neo
  • Nepomuk
  • Neptune
  • Nerida
  • Nermal
  • Nero
  • Nesko
  • Nigel
  • Nora
  • Nyla

Dog Names From A to Z:

About Famous Dogs and Their Names

Famous Dogs Beginning With N

• Nipper – likes listening to music

The Terrier cross Nipper rose to fame because his master painted him together with a gramophone. Gramophones were the first record players (“gramma” = “written”, “phone” = “sound”). The painting shows Nipper listening attentively to the gramophone. The picture is called “His Master’s Voice”.

The painter didn’t earn much money from it, but it has since become a famous brand logo used by music companies and the music shop HMV in the UK. He earned the name Nipper because he used to nip people’s legs.

Movie Dogs Beginning With N


• Nevins – likes to escape

The kids’ book “The Cat in the Hat” is about a talking cat that’s as big as a fully grown human. His head is full of nonsense and he turns the family’s house upside down. But as we’re talking about dog names, we want to know about the dog in the film. The chaos is just too much for the family’s Terrier cross and he runs away, leading the children on an adventurous chase. If your dog likes to run off, Nevins could be a great name!

Life Savers Beginning With N

• Norman – the blind life saver

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly” is a line from “The Little Prince” by Antoine Saint-Exupéry. Blind Labrador Retriever Norman proves that you don’t need eyes to have a big heart. He loves running along the beach and carrying branches in his mouth just like a seeing dog. But one day, he heard a young girl calling for help as she was nearly drowning. He jumped into the water and headed towards where he heard the cries. As soon as he reached her, he helped the girl to land. Well done, Norman!

• Napoleon – saves kittens

English Bulldogs are known for not being able to swim well due to their builds. But Napoleon didn’t let that stop him when he noticed someone was in danger. He swam right into the river until he reached what he was looking for: a linen sack with six kittens in it. He quickly brought them to land. Four of the little fluffballs survived and were nursed back to health. And some people still think cats and dogs are enemies.

Literary Dogs Beginning With N

• Nana – from Peter Pan

Nana from Peter Pan is often thought to be a St Bernard. Well, she does look like one. But she’s actually a Newfoundland. In the story, she’s a nanny that helps the Darling family get washed, make beds and take their medicine. Newfoundlands are known for being especially friendly and calm. Like Nana. This name would be a great fit for a large, family-friendly dog.


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