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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - A Bug's Life

The Characters From A Bug's Life:

Flik Ant
Atta Ant
Dot Ant
Hopper Grasshopper
Fred Grasshopper
Francis Ladybug
Heimlich Caterpillar
Tuck Pill bug
Roll Pill bug
"Major" Manni Praying mantis
Gypsy Gypsy moth
Slim Walking stick
Rosie Black widow spider

Did you know that you can keep insects as pets? In case you feel like you can't take the responsibility to keep a dog or a cat yet, then you should take a look at these pets. For example pretty, colorful beetles, walking sticks, walking leaves and even praying mantises. You will find out more in our pet section!

Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Films:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock

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