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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - A Bug's Life

The Characters From A Bug's Life:

The main character in A Bug's Life is the ant Flik, a passionate but very clumsy inventor. Together with Crown Princess Atta and Princess Dot, he devises a plan to chase away the grasshoppers Hooper and Fred. He is also supported by his new friends who were previously circus performers – Francis the ladybug, Heimlich the caterpillar, Chewap and Cici the woodlice, Manni the mantis, Gypsy the butterfly and Slim the insect.

Here are the names from A Bug's Life:

Flik Ant
Atta Ant
Dot Ant
Dr. Flora Ant
Mr. Soil Ant
Thorny Ant
Cornelius Ant
Aphie Aphid
Francis Ladybug
Heimlich Caterpillar
Tuck Pill bug
Roll Pill bug
Dim Rhinoceros beetle
Manny Praying mantis
Gypsy Gypsy moth
Slim Walking stick
P.T. Flea Flea
Hopper Grasshopper
Molt Grasshopper
Thumper Grasshopper
Axle Grasshopper
Loco Grasshopper
Rosie Black widow spider

Fun Facts

German Characters

In the German movie, some of the characters' names are different. Ladybug Franzis is called Franzi. The caterpillar "Heimlich" is named Gustl, while P.T. Flea is P.T. Floh. Grasshopper Molt is called Fred, the two woodlice are Chewap and Cici. Mr. Soil is "Herr von Boden" and ant Dorny is Thorny.


Insects as Pets

Did you know that you can keep insects as pets? In case you feel like you can't take the responsibility to keep a dog or a cat yet, then you should take a look at these pets. For example pretty, colorful beetles, walking sticks, walking leaves and even praying mantises. You will find out more in our exotic pets section!

Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Movies:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock


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