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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Kung Fu Panda

The Characters From Kung Fu Panda:

Po Giant Panda
Li Shan Giant Panda 
Mei Mei Giant Panda 
Bao Giant Panda 
Dim Giant Panda 
Sum Giant Panda 
Master Monkey Golden snub-nosed monkey
Master Shifu Red Panda
Master Viper Green tree viper
Master Tai Lung Leopard
Master Tigress Tiger
Master Mantis Chinese praying mantis
Master Crane Black-necked crane
Master Oogway Turtle
Master Bear Brown Bear
Master Thundering Rhino Rhino
Master Storming Ox Ox
Master Chicken Chicken
Mr. Ping Goose
Zeng Goose
Shen Peacock
Kai Bull
Boss Wolf Wolf

Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Films:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock


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