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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Finding Nemo

The Characters From Finding Nemo:

Finding Nemo is an animated movie for children. The main character is Nemo, a young clownfish who is caught by humans. His father Marlin immediately sets out to look for his son. Both experience great adventures and meet new friends.

Here are the names from Finding Nemo:

Nemo Clownfish
Marlin Clownfish
Dorie Pacific regal blue tang
Coral Clownfish
Nigel Brown pelican
Mr. Ray Spotted eagle ray
Gill Moorish idol
Squirt Pacific green sea turtle
Crush Pacific green sea turtle
Bubbles Yellow tang
Jacques Cleaner shrimp
Bloat Pufferfish
Peach Starfish
Bruce Great white shark
Anchor Hammerhead shark
Chum Mako shark
Gurgle Royal gramma
Deb and Flo Damselfish
Bill Butterflyfish
Tad Butterflyfish
Pearl Octopus
Ted Octopus
Sheldon Seahorse
Bob Seahorse
Stan Kelp bass
Inez Kelp bass
Cathy Chickenfish

Finding Nemo Fun Facts

In the German movie some characters have different names. Coral is called Cora and Dory is spelled Dorie. Squirt's name is Racker and Nigel goes by the name Niels. Mr Ray is Herr Rochen, Gill is Khan, Bubbles is Blubbel, Bloat is Puff and Gurgle is named Sushi.


In the German movie the two fish Deb and Flo are called Luv and Lee. In German, Luv means windward and Lee means leeward. They denote wind directions. Windward is the side that faces the wind and leeward, the side that is away from the wind.

In Finding Nemo, only a few people act in the movie. The dentist's name is Philip Sherman and the niece's name is Darla.

The Characters From Finding Dory:

Finding Dory is the sequel to Finding Nemo. In this list you will find the characters that are new in Finding Dory.

Here are the names from Finding Dory:

Jenny Pacific regal blue tang
Charlie Pacific regal blue tang
Bailey Beluga whale
Destiny Whale shark
Hank East pacific red octopus
Fluke Sea lion
Rudder Sea lion
Gerald California sea lion
Gerald California sea lion
Becky Common loon

Finding Dory Fun Facts

Fluke's German name is Smutje and Rudder's is Boje. More people appear in Finding Dory, for example Carl and Tommy and zoo keepers Alex, Carol and Cindy.


Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Movies:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock


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