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Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Camp Lazlo

The Characters From Camp Lazlo:

Scoutmaster Algonquin C. Lumpus Moose
Chip Dung Beetle
Clam Pygmy rhinoceros
Dave Common loon
Edward T. Platypus Platypus
Gretchen Alligator
Ms. Doe Red deer
Chef Heimlich McMuesli Domestic goat
Lazlo Monkey
Nina Neckerly Giraffe
Patsy Smiles Yellow mongoose
Ping-Pong Common loon
Raj Indian elephant
Rubella Mucus Warthog
Samson J. Clogmeyer Guinea Pig
Slinkman Banana slug
Skip Dung Beetle

Pet Names Based on Animated Series From A to Z:

There are many different animals in Camp Kidney! We suppose nobody has a moose, platypus or giraffe as a pet at home, but the names are great for rodents such as guinea pigs or hamsters. For example Chip, Patsy, Dave, Skip or Raj (the name is pronounced "rahdsh"). Do you want to know where and how the "real animals“ live? Check out these animal profiles:

Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Photo: Javier Brosch (Dogs), Anton_Ivanov (Cartoon)/Shutterstock


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