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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - The Lion King

The Characters From The Lion King:

The heroes in the Lion King are the lions Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi and Sarafina, warthog Pumbaa, meerkat Timon and Mandrill Rafiki. The villains include the lion Scar and the three hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. The red-billed toko Zazu is also one of the main characters.

Here are the names from The Lion King:

Simba Lion
Nala Lion
Mufasa Lion
Sarabi Lion
Sarafina Lion
Scar Lion
Kovu Lion
Zira Lion
Kiara Lion
Nuka Lion
Vitani Lion
Shenzi Hyena
Banzai Hyena
Ed Hyena
Rafiki Mandrill
Pumbaa Warthog
Timon Meerkat
Max Meerkat
Zazu Hornbill

There are several films:


The Lion King

The Disney film The Lion King is about the adventures of a family of lions - particularly those of Simba, the son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi.

The villains of this story are the lion Scar and the hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. Scar feels his throne is in jeopardy when Simba is born. So he kills Mufasa and convinces Simba that it's his fault.

Out of desperation, Simba leaves the lions, but finds loyal friends in Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa, the warthog. His old friends, the lioness Nala and the mandrill Rafiki, encourage him to return and take his rightful place as the Lion King.

The very first film is from 1994. The characters have the same names in the German version as in the English version.

The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride

In The Lion King 2, Simba is king and, together with his companion Nala, gives birth to children: the lion girl Kiara. One day they accidentally meet lioness Zira and her children Kovu, Nuka and Vitani. Simba had banished her from the kingdom after Scar's death, but Zira declares that her son Kovu is entitled to the kingdom.


The Lion King 1 1/2

The Lion King 1 1/2 is not a sequel but tells the story of the first film from Timon and Pumbaa's point of view. As a new character we get to know Max, Timon's uncle.

The Lion King (2019)

The latest The Lion King movie is from 2019 and is a remake of the first movie from 1994. Two of the hyenas have different names in this version. Banzai and Ed are called Azizi and Kamari.

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