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Cat Sitters and Catteries

What to do with the cat when yout want to go on vacation? Here, you'll find out!

For a cat, travel almost always means stress. They need a long time to get used to new surroundings and new smells, and most likely feel very uncomfortable. They will make this clear to their humans.

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Home Is the Best Place for Cats

However, vacations can be pleasant for both human and cat as long as the cat stays home and neighbors or friends lovingly and responsibly look after it.


Alternatively, there are also cat sitters that come by each day to look after your pet. What is needed depends on your cat’s individual character. Some cats are perfectly happy alone, but others suffer terribly from loneliness.

Cat Sitter

Costs: $12-20 per hour

Cat sitters feed, pet and play with the cats. Some even offer grooming services and have first aid training.

Costs are usually calculated per hour and can be between $12 and $20. The best thing is that your cat can stay in their own four walls. But they will still be left alone for many hours a day. Unless you pay for all-day care. In many cases, you can agree on a lower hourly rate for the total price.

Feeding the cat Photo: Chalabala/


Costs: $12-50 a day

A cat goes into a cattery if it can’t be looked after at home. Generally, this is the last resort. For a cat, this isn’t just a completely new environment but also new people and new animals. This can cause stress and panic. But there are very good catteries that look after animals very well.


Most charge around $12-50 per day. And expensive doesn’t automatically mean good. It’s best to check out two or three catteries near you, and talk with the owners. You’ll get a good feeling for how well your cat will settle in.

(Valid: November 2023)

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