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Short-Haired Cats

Here, you'll get to know the most popular short-haired cat breeds. We also walk you through their pros and cons!

Short-haired cats such as the Bengal, the British Shorthair or the Devon Rex have lovely, shiny, dense or even curly fur that is lovely, soft and silky to touch. As their short fur lies close to their bodies, their fascinating facial features, their slim, elegant bodies and slinky movements are easier to see.

The list at the end of this article will tell you which cat breeds have short coats. 

Chartreux Photo: Margarita Khamidulina/Shutterstock


Long-Haired Cats or Short-Haired Cats - What Is Better?

That depends on your definition of better. And “better” often means “needs less time/work”. That’s why this question is so high up on this checklist. And yes, short-haired cats ARE easier to look after.

Even if they’re outdoor cats, their fur doesn’t get dirty as quickly so they don’t have to be brushed nearly as often. But they do enjoy it! They also don’t get any undesirable residue stuck in their fur after using the litter box. Nobody likes the job of removing this.

But you’ll still have to clean your home, as cats with short coats shed just as much as those with long fur. With a cat in the household, you’ll have to come to peace with cleaning the floor and sofa more often (two to three times a week).

Cat Hair Allergy

The shorter the hair, the less saliva and skin cells get stuck in the fur. This is important info for people with allergies. You’ll find our cat hair allergy article here.

Heating On or Off?

Short-haired cats are happy when they can sit on a windowsill over a radiator and have plenty of opportunities to creep into cozy hidey holes. After all, their fur doesn’t keep them as warm as that of long-haired cats. If you get cold easily and like having the heating on, a short-haired cat would be happy in your home.


Injuries Are Easier to See

Cats injure themselves easily if they get caught on branches or bushes, get stuck, run into something pointy or fight with other cats. You can easily spot these injuries on a cat with a short coat so they can be treated much more quickly. If you’re cat has long fur, you might only see the injury when you’re brushing their coat.


  • Less combing and brushing
  • Less cat poop stuck in fur
  • Could be a better choice for allergy sufferers
  • Injuries become visible more quickly


  • Short fur is less beautiful
  • Short-haired cats don't do well in cold apartments

Short-Haired Cats: