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Cat Toys

Here, you find out what toys do cats like best and how expensive they are.

Toys are a great activity for our velvet paws. If you have or are about to get a cat, you may want to know what they particularly like to play with. We have listed the most popular toys for you and found out the cheapest prices for them (of course there are also more expensive ones).

Which Toy is Best for My Cat?

Every cat is different. One might find a sisal cat toy irresistible, but others can’t get enough of chasing a laser pointer across the floor. We’ve made a list of the most popular toys here for you, and found the best prices for each. Of course, you can also get expensive toys. The most important thing is that your cat has fun and, thankfully, it only takes a few bucks to make that happen.

Cat with toy Photo: rai/


The Best Toys for Cats

Challenging toy from $6
Cat tunnel from $6
Laser pointer from $5
Feather wand from $4
Scratching toys from $3

Catching Fun for Cats

You can get toy mice or sisal balls from just $2. A classic from $4: a little stick with feathers on the top encourages your cat’s hunting instinct. You can get a laser pointer for upwards of $5 so you can create a light on the floor that will “dance” to and fro. Lots of cats find this very exciting and will chase it around. Important: never point a laser pointer into their eyes.

Cat with toy Photo: Вероника Преображенс/

Toys for Cats That Like to Hide

You can either use cheap cardboard boxes and paper bags or invest in a cat tunnel.

Intelligence Cat Toys

You can get snack balls from $6 an "fun boards" from around $18 that you can fill with treats. To get the treat, the cat has to prove their intelligence and physical prowess. Lots of cats like these toys, as they can “hunt” for their food.

Cats playing with toy Photo: Евгений Вершинин/


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