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Pet Cat: Pros and Cons

We tell you the most important advantages and disadvantages of cats!

The following table will show you the pros and cons of getting a pet cat. Don’t forget that each animal has its own personality, so these points won’t match every animal 100%.

Dogs have masters, cats have staff. It sounds like a joke, but this sentence really does ring true. While dogs will loyally follow their masters anywhere, cats have their own minds and see their humans as equals. Dogs are very patient but cats generally expect their needs (especially food) to be met very quickly.

Maine Coon - Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock



  • Cats are loyal friends
  • Cats enjoy being petted
  • Cats don't need walking
  • Cats are fine left home alone
  • Cats love playing
  • Cats comfort you if you're worried or feel alone


  • Cats need time for playing, training, keeping them oocupied
  • You have to clean the litter box
  • Costs for food, toys and vet
  • Cat hair in your home
  • You have to getting used to dead "presents" (outdoor cats)
  • Cats scratch furniture

Cat Tricks

Even if cats can’t be trained as much as dogs, you can still teach them a few things. Cats are often happy to have a task other than playing and dozing on the windowsill. They can learn “sit”, “paw”, “beg”, “fetch” and “turn around”. But you need to be a lot more patient to wait for the cat to pick up the trick. Treats help a lot, of course. It’s important not to punish or overwhelm a cat during training. Of course, some cats just don’t want to learn tricks. And this should be respected.

Things That Will Win Your Parents Over!

  • 1. A pet cat would help you forget the stress and worries of everyday life
  • 2. Children learn about responsibility
  • 3. Cats don’t need walking


  • Your whole family must agree with the decision.
  • A cat needs attention and time.
  • And the litter box has to be cleaned regularly.
  • A cat has to be fed 2-3 times a day.
  • No cat hair allergy



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