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Cats That Don't Shed Much

Are you looking for cat breeds that don't shed - or at least ones that shed less than others? You're in the perfect place!

Which cats shed less than others? Bengal, Burmese, Savannah and Devon Rex are considered to be cat breeds that don't shed a lot. See the complete list at the end of the article!. Are there cats suitable for people with allergies? Find out here!

People lose hair every day. So why would cats be different? All owners should be prepared to deal with cat hair on clothes and in the home. Depending on how much a cat sheds, this can mean a lot of cleaning. Even if you brush a cat every day, it will still shed. 

Some cat breeds shed less than others. We’ve listed them all for you below. Under that, you can find out more about cat hair allergies and which cats might be suitable for people with allergies..


Savannah Photo: Joe Barti/Shutterstock

Less Hair - More care

Cats that don’t have a lot of hair or that don’t shed a lot don’t necessary need less care. They run more risk of getting sunburnt outdoors. Or can freeze more quickly in cold temperatures because of their lack of hair.

Shedding or Illness?

Apart from when changing their coats in spring and autumn, sudden extreme shedding should be taken seriously. It could be a sign of illness, stress or improper nutrition.

Cat Hair Allergy

Some people break out in a rash or show other allergic reactions when they come into contact with cats. This isn’t actually because of the cat hair itself, but the saliva, or certain proteins in the saliva. When a cat cleans itself by licking its fur, the hair comes into contact with the saliva. And it’s exactly these hairs that end up on the floor or couch and cause the problem.

Hypoallergenic Cats

“Hypo” comes from the Greek word meaning “under”. As many people are allergic to cat hair but would like to have a pet cat, a hypoallergenic cat would be ideal. The following cats are considered hypoallergenic because they produce less protein. But there’s no guarantee: Balinese, Devon Rex, Siberian, Sphynx, Russian Blue


Cats That Don't Shed a Lot: