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26 Most Popular Cat Breeds and Their Character

Here, you'll find a list with the most beautiful and popular cat breeds!

Let's meet the 26 most popular cat breeds. For each breed there is a profile with lots of infos about their character, nature, origin, color, fur length, whether they shed a lot and much more.

Cat breeds like Maine Coon, Ragdoll and British Shorthair are especially popular with beginners because they are gentle and sociable. Moreover, they don't make great demands on people and homes.

For each breed there is a detailed profile about its characteristics, behavior, temperament, energy level, playfulness, color, coat length and origin. Plus beautiful pictures. You'll also find out which cat breeds don't shed (or at least only a little), like to cuddle or are especially playful.


All Cat Breeds from A to Z:

Indoor or Outdoor Cat

Some cats have a particularly strong urge for "freedom" and should not be considered an indoor cat. Cats like British Shorthair, Ragdoll, Russian Blue and Birman, Persian, Turkish Angora and Maine Coone tend to feel comfortable indoors. Nevertheless, no cat would be happy with living indoors exclusively.

How Many Cat Breeds Are There?

It's amazing: there are well over 200 dog breeds, but only about 40 cat breeds. Dogs were bred as early as the 13th century, cats only since the first half of the 20th century.

Cat Breeds Don't Have as Different Looks as Dog Breeds

Dogs were bred for particular tasks: For hunting in a badger's burrow (Dachshund, small and long), for helping catching fish (Retriever, webbed feet) or for hunting (Greyhound, slender and long legs). However, as cats steadfastly refuse to take on meaningful tasks (just fun!), only coat colors and coat lengths were bred.

Did You Know?

The oldest cat breed is the Angora cat.

Basically the following applies: All the breeds presented here are suitable for families with children. Of course, one should not forget that every animal has its own personality, personal preferences and dislikes. This applies regardless of the breed.