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English Bulldog

English Bulldog Breed Information

Size 12-14 inches (31-36 cm)
Weight 51-55 lbs (23-25 kg)
Origin Great Britain
Color Red, fallow, beige, white: multi-colored
Lifespan 8-12 years
Suitable As Family dog, companion dog
Personality Charming, affectionate, obedient, patient, gentle

Lazy Bulldog Photo: Onizuka Yoshiki/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

The Bulldog may have a face like thunder but is friendly, loving, cheerful and humorous. It likes to listen to commands and gets on very well with strangers and other pets. It may take longer to learn than other dogs, but it doesn’t easily forget something once it’s gone in. By the way: Bulldogs can't swim very well. Their head is too big and her back too short to maneuver.


The Bulldog is self-sufficient and therefore much more independent of humans than other dogs (but of course they also need love, attention and daily walks!). It is a bit too heavy for a lap dog, but it likes to relax on a cuddly blanket, on the sofa or any other cozy place. Bulldogs don’t tend to bark a lot. That is probably one of the things that are just too stressful for it.


Top Activities

Treasure Hunt, Tug-of-War, Flyball

Three Bulldogs are going for a walk Foto: Runa Kazakova/Shutterstock

Health and Care

The short and smooth coat of a Bulldog should be brushed once a week. Clean the wrinkles in his face daily with a damp cloth and make sure to dry them completely. Its nose stays soft with a little bit of petroleum jelly.


Especially compared to a Labrador Retriever or a Border Collie, the Bulldog has a very imbalanced physique. It has a broad, muscular body with a short back, short legs and a massive head with a short and wrinkled muzzle. On the other hand they have a smooth, glossy coat and beautiful dark, round eyes.

Bulldog Photo: ltummy/


History and Origin

The story about the Bulldogs' history is not a nice one and is really surprising when you consider how cute and peaceful this dog breed is. Its short nose and its strong body were especially bred for bull fights. The dogs were meant to bite in the snout of the bull and were trained not to let go of it. Often the fight ended in the bull tossing the dog with its horns up in the air.

Luckily, in 1835, bull fights were made illegal. As a result, Bulldogs were not needed anymore and the breed almost would have been completely forgotten. Fortunately it was rediscovered as a loving, reliable family dog. By the way: The French Bulldog was bred from the English Bulldog!

Where Does the Name Come From?

The dog was actually called Bonddog or Bolddog in the beginning. In the 17th century its name changed to Bulldog because it was used in bull fights mainly.

Cruel Breeding

English bulldogs are considered animal cruelty. Due to its sad breeding history it suffers from a variety of health issues like respiratory problems. The nose has become very short. This is why the dogs are called „flat-faced“. As a result, it often struggles with shortness of breath. Also, its teeth don't have enough space in the short upper jaw, which leads to tooth misalignments. The legs are shortened, too, and the spine deformed. The animals are often in pain and can't move well.

Buying a puppy doesn't help the animals, but worsens their suffering. With every purchase, new puppies are bred again. Those who have fallen in love with this breed could visit a shelter for an (adult) animal instead. Many lonely dogs are waiting here, maybe even an English bulldog. With appropriate care, its diseases can possibly be alleviated. Or you can choose a different breed. After all there are so many others that are just as great!

Bulldog Photo: Tatiana Katsai/Shutterstock

Fun Facts


In the United States, many universities have a bulldog mascot. There are a lot of American football teams that are named after the bulldog, too, e.g. the New York Bulldogs or the Cleveland Bulldogs.


Let's check out some records! Until 2017 Bulldog Otto held the record for "Longest human tunnel traveled through by a skateboarding dog". 30 people stood with their feet apart to allow Otto pass through the human "tunnel" on his skateboard. Bulldog Tillman was a big skateboard fan, too. Since 2009 he holds the record for "Fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog". Sadly he passed away in 2015. He knew how to surf!

Comparable Breeds

Bulldog Photo: annette shaff/


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