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Dog Sitters and Kennels

Where do you put your dog when you go on vacation? Here are some tips!

Some dogs love to travel with their masters. But long car trips and plane rides can be a torture for some animals. Especially older pets and pets with health problems.

It’s often best to leave your four-legged friend with friends or relatives that can responsibly care for it. But not everyone has this option. So, what can you do if you can’t take your dog with you on vacation?

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Dog Sitters, Walkers

• Costs: 10-25 euros per hour or all-day care

There are plenty of dog sitters that lovingly take care of other people’s dogs. They take them on walks, feed them and play with them. Some even offer grooming services or are qualified to train your dog (beyond a handler’s license).

Costs are usually calculated per hour and can be between 10 and 25 euro. Major pro: the dog is in its usual environment with all the smells it’s used to. Con: the dog will be alone for many hours a day - Kennels you pay for all-day care. In many cases, you can agree on a lower hourly rate for the total price.

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• Costs: 10-50 euros a day


A dog goes into kennels if it can’t be looked after at home. Generally, this is the last resort. The dog is left in a completely new place with new people and new animals. This can mean pure stress. But there are very good kennels that look after animals very well.

Some kennels charge 10-20 euro a day, others 30-50 euro. And expensive doesn’t automatically mean good. It’s best to check out two or three kennels near you, and talk with the owners. You’ll get a good feeling for how well your dog will settle in.

(Valid: November 2023)

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