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Dog Toys

Which toy do dogs like the most? Here, you find a list of the most popular toys!

Some dogs love to play fetch, and others love to chew on toy ropes. Each dog is different, so you will have to try and find out what kind of toys your dog likes best.

We’ve made a list of the most popular toys here for you, and found the best prices for each. Of course, you can also get expensive toys. But your dog won’t care about the price tag. Your pooch won’t care if a toy was expensive or how good it looks. As long as it’s fun.

French Bulldog with toy Photo: Kwiatek7/Shutterstock


Top 5 Best Toys for Dogs

Squeaky Toys from $3 or €3
Kong from $7 or €7
Rope Toy from $3 or €3
Balls and frisbees from $3 or €3
Agility Toys from $20 or €20

Fetch Toys

Dogs that like to destroy things or carry things around all day will love squeaky and soft toys. Or a cotton rope toy. This is a versatile option as your dog can carry it around, bury it or tug on it. You can get rope toys with or without balls. Balls and frisbees are also ideal for dogs that love to fetch. Of course, these are best used outdoors, as they could damage your home.

Challenging Toys

Kong is a challenging toy that almost all dogs love. There are tasty treats inside that the dog has to get out with their paws and nose. This stimulates their intelligence, as they have to figure out how to get to the food. Most dogs prefer this kind of play over lying in their beds and having their dinner placed in front of them.

Agility Toys

Some dog owners want to train intensively with their dogs, so are interested in agility toys. These include hurdles, rings, tunnels or slalom poles. It can be a lot of fun practicing agility tricks with your dog. They keep your dog stimulated and on the go, while keeping you physically fit as well.

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