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Dogs That Shed the Most

In this article, you’ll find out which dog breeds shed particularly heavily!

Some dogs shed all year round, while some only shed in spring and autumn when they shed their winter and summer coats. These include the Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog and Dalmatian.

You’ll find the completes list with pictures at the end of this article.

Dog Fur Photo: Tomislav Pinter/Shutterstock


Remove Dog Hair From Your Home

On the sofa, on the clothes, in the car, in the dog basket or dog bed. Dog hair everywhere! It’s completely normal for a dog to shed. After all, humans lose hair every day too. With some dog breeds you have to deal with a lot of shedding - and a lot of cleaning. Don’t mind? Or maybe you’re reading this article because you want to cross “fur monsters” off your list?

If you’re looking for tips on how best to remove dog hair, you’ve come to the right place. Regular brushing helps your dog to get rid of loose fur. So it won’t end up on the couch.

How to Clean Up Dog Hair

Your home should be cleaned in the right order. Why? If you vacuum right at the start, you’ll kick up lots of hair into the air, where it can float about for a while. After cleaning, you’ll be disappointed to see it all settling. So:

1. Preparing the floor and furniture

First, grab an anti-static microfiber mop and make it slightly damp (not wet!), attach it to a stick and mop your floor. There will already be lots of hair on the mop. You can use a microfiber cloth on the furniture too.


2. Cleaning the sofa

A real insider tip for the sofa! You just need a regular household rubber glove with a textured finish on the palm of the hand. Don’t get it wet: it has to be dry. Simply move your flat hand along the furniture and you’ll pick up lots of hair! Without the risk of it all being whisked up into the air. You can now use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the rest of the hair. It’s best to use the furniture attachment.

3. Vacuuming

You can now vacuum the sofa and the rest of your home. It’s best to use a furniture brush attachment for the sofa. This is a small attachment that you connect to the front of the vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum cleaner should come with one. There are even vacuum cleaners that have “cat and dog”, “pet” or “animal” in the name.

4. Mopping

Use a damp mop (more or less wet depending on if you have hardwood, laminate or tiled floors) to clean the dirt from your floor. You can also use a damp microfiber cloth to clean furniture.

What About Carpet?

There’s a simple trick here: baking powder! Simply sprinkle some over the carpet (don’t get it wet!) and then suck it up using a vacuum cleaner. You’ll be amazed how much more hair is removed from the carpet. Baking powder also prevents odors.

One final tip: there’s a special carpet deodorant for pet hair.

Cleaning the Dog Bed

You should regularly wash your dog’s bed. You’d be doing your washing machine a favor (or your lint filter) by removing most of the hair with a rubber glove beforehand.

Remove Dog Hair From Clothes

• Lint roller and brushes

The lint roller is a roll with an adhesive paper. The hair will stick to it, if you roll it over your clothes. Simple, fast and effective. There are reusable clothing brushes especially designed to catch animal hairs, too. This helps producing less plastic waste and most people say that these brushes work even better than the lint roller.

• Tumble drier

(Dry) clothes that are suitable for tumble dry can be put in the dryer for a few minutes. Put in a clean and wet microfibre cloth, too. The air stream and the spinning will remove the hair, which then sticks to the cloth. Just make sure to examine the lint filter afterwards and clean it if needed. 

• Washing machine

You can use lint remover balls. Simply put them in the washing drum together with your clothes. They are surrounded by a velcro material. Your pets' hair will be caught by them.

Dogs That Shed a Lot:


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