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Angora Guinea Pig Breed Profile

Fur Long, up to 3 in (8 cm)
Rosettes 8-12
Characteristics Bangs
Lifespan 4-6 years
Suitable for Experienced owners

Angora Guinea Pig Photo: Eric lostbear/Shutterstock

 Breed Characteristics

The Angora guinea pig is a long-haired guinea pig with lots of whorls (also called rosettes). Their cute coats are soft and floor-length but the many whorls make it look different lengths. If you don’t yet have a lot of experience with guinea pigs, you could get Angoras and Peruvians mixed up sometimes to begin with. But these animals are easy to tell apart thanks to the number of whorls.

What Is it That Makes Angoras Unique?

The Peruvian only has two whorls on its back. But the Angora has 8-12 rosettes. The more the merrier! At least two should be on the body, two on the hind quarters, two on the hips and possibly two on the shoulders as well. A whorl on the forehead is extra nice as it makes the bangs fall into the piggy’s face. And it’s especially lovely when all the whorls are arranged symmetrically. Breeders are open when it comes to colors: Angoras can be one single color or multi-colored. To sum it up, you could say that the Angora is an Abyssinian guinea pig with long hair.


Angora Guinea Pig Photo: Eric lostbear/Shutterstock

Fur Care

An Angora guinea pig’s long fur needs a lot of care. So this breed isn’t really suitable for beginners. Combs and brushes are stressful for guinea pigs, so they should get used to them at a young age. Just remember: the faster grooming is over, the better. Knots should be (carefully!) removed with scissors early on so they don’t form big mats. Otherwise, you’ll really struggle to keep the fur clean.

Keeping Them Outdoors

As a long-haired guinea pig, the Angora is not suitable for keeping outdoors. Its fur will quickly get wet and dirty outside, which encourages the growth of bacteria and can cause illness.


If you want to get guinea pigs, see if you can adopt some first. These little piggies are often given away because the owners can’t look after them or because of an allergy. Don’t worry: animals at shelters will always be looked at by a vet before being handed over to their new loving owners.

Fun Facts

The Turkish capital city Ankara used to be called Angora. Angora is usually taken to mean the soft and especially long fur of Angora rabbits. But there are also Angora guinea pigs and even a cat breed called the Turkish Angora.



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