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Coronet Guinea Pig Breed Profile

Fur Long, straight, thick
Rosettes None
Characteristics Crown
Lifespan 4-6 years
Suitable for Experienced owners

Coronet Guinea Pig Photo: absolutimages/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

The Coronet guinea pig was bred in England by crossing Silkies with English Cresteds. You could call them “English Crested Silkies”. This guinea pig has the Silkie’s cute, long, smooth, soft fur and the English Crested’s adorable crest. They don’t have any other whorls. But they do have cute, dense “sideburns” on their cheeks that make their long hair “hang” down from their bodies. Their parting begins at the head and runs all the way along the back. The Coronet’s coat can come in different colors e.g. tortoiseshell, coffee and white or cinnamon and agouti.

Just like all guinea pigs, the Coronet is playful, curious, affectionate and loves attention. But due to their needs and grooming requirements, they’re not suitable for beginners.


Coronet Guinea Pig Photo: yykkaa/Shutterstock

Fur Care

The Coronet’s coat should be cleaned with a soft plastic comb or brush every other day. This should ensure knots are kept to a minimum. It should also be trimmed once to twice a month. It’s best to then brush again to remove any loose cut hair. Not all guinea pig fans know exactly how much work these pets need before they make their purchase. After all, guinea pigs live for 4-6 years, so you should really think about whether you’ll always find the time to care for them.

Keeping Them Outdoors

As a long-haired guinea pig, the Coronet is not suitable for keeping outdoors. When it walks over the ground, dirt and muck will gather in its fur. This is often a little moist as well, which encourages bacteria and fungus to grow. These can then cause infections in the guinea pig’s eyes or airways.

Keeping Them in a Cage

It’s important to know that (long-haired) guinea pigs aren’t completely safe from illness even when in a cage. An unclean cage (e.g. the wrong cage accessories with plastic houses), a cage that is too clean (!) and/or the wrong nutrition can also make your beloved pet sick.

Fun Facts

“Coronet” means “little crown”.



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