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How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost per Month?

Here's a rundown of what it costs to buy and keep pet guinea pigs.

Before buying, any guinea pig fan should know how much it costs to keep guinea pigs. That's why we've created a handy checklist for you. First, you'll find out which supplies you need and what to pay attention to.

Of course we also researched the costs for everything. These prices are rough estimates and may vary. But they’ll give you a good impression of what you’re getting yourself into.

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What Do You Need for Guinea Pigs?


Guinea pigs can cost between $ 10-35. Monthly and yearly costs for keeping them aren’t too much.

Food and straw

Guinea pig feed is more expensive per month than hamster or bird feed. Guinea pigs need lots of floor space to run. Therefore, you need more litter than for other small animals.

Cage and run


People say: if you buy cheap, you buy twice. If you choose a very cheap but small cage for financial reasons, you will quickly find that the animals don't feel comfortable in it. Of course, that's not appropriate either. When it comes to cages and outdoor enclosures, you should never savings should never skimp on money.


This is rather cheap and even if you buy some here and there, you don't have to worry about the costs.


How high a vet bill is always depends on the animal and its health problems. You should also set aside some money for this.

Guinea pig sitter

If you can't find anyone to take care of the animals while you're on vacation, you don't have to stay at home, but of course you have to pay something for professional care.

Cost for Two Guinea Pigs per Month

Although they're small animals, keeping them is not that cheap. For two guinea pigs you can expect to pay 40-60 euros per month.

One-Time Costs

The total costs for the animals, the cage and the accessories are at least 250 euros.

You can find detailed information about costs on the next page:

Monthly Costs for Guinea Pigs

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