How Much Does a Hamster Cost per Month?

Adorable hamsters dig their way into our hearts in no time, quickly becoming much loved members of the family. But before you buy, any hamster fan should carefully consider its cage, care and food - and how much a hamster can cost.

What Do You Need For a Hamster?

Food and straw
Hamster sitter
Equipment and care

It usually doesn’t cost a lot tobuy a hamster. You can even get one for $ 4-5. Some breeds of hamster can cost 13-20. But they’re pretty cheap to keep. The most expensive investment is the cage, which should be nice and spacious, and possibly a hamster sitter if you go on vacation.

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Monthly Costs For a Hamster

Hamster in a cardboard box Hamster in a cardboard box - Photo: Ilyashenko Oleksiy/Shutterstock

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