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How Much Does a Hamster Cost per Month?

Here, you can find information on how much you have to spend on a hamster per month.

Hamsters dig their way into our hearts in no time, quickly becoming much loved members of the family.

But before you buy, any hamster fan should carefully consider its cage, care and food - and how much a hamster can cost.

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What Do You Need for a Hamster?


It usually doesn’t cost a lot to buy a hamster. You can even get one for $ 4-5. Purebred hamsters cost around 20 euros.

Food and straw

A hamster needs food regularly. The litter must be renewed at certain intervals. Both are very cheap.

Equipment and care


For keeping hamster, the biggest cost is the purchase or construction of the hamster cage. Maintenance is very inexpensive.


It's easy to make your own, so it's very cheap.


If the little darling is not well, a doctor should take a look at the animal. There are costs for this too.

Hamster sitter

The topic of vacation is often ignored, but it is better to think about how the hamster can be cared for and how expensive it is.

Cost for One Hamster per Month

They’re pretty cheap to keep. The most expensive investment is the cage, which should be nice and spacious, and possibly a hamster sitter if you go on vacation. If you exclude the purchase of the hamster and cage as well as irregular extra costs, you can expect a monthly price of around $ 5-13.

One-Time Purchase Costs

As cheap as the hamster is to keep, the cage is not. If you want your pet to be comfortable you have to calculate with $ 150. It's not just about the cage itself, but also the equipment.

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Monthly Costs for a Hamster

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