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Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse Breed Profile

Height 13.7-15.3 hands (55-61 inch; 140-156 cm)
Body Square; high tail
Head Short, noble, big eyes
Neck Elegantly arched; fine mane
Colors Bay, chestnut, black, gray
Temperament Bold, sensitive, intelligent, high-spirited
Gait Free, floating
Type Thoroughbred
Origin Arabian peninsula
Bred since 7th century
Suitable for Racing, show jumping, leisure riding

Arabian Horse Photo: Melory/Shutterstock

The Most Beautiful Breed of Horses

Arabians are classified as the most beautiful horses of the world. When they elegantly and sleekly canter across a meadow, their high tail is waving in the wind majestically. This is simply gorgeous to watch! Their expressive face also distinguishes them from all other breeds: The eyes are set slightly higher and their nose is elegantly curved.

The Oldest Breed of Horses Worldwide

Originally, Arabians were bred by the Bedouin* and are considered to be the oldest breed of horses worldwide. Numerous breeds of horses have been “refined” with Arabians (hybridization), e.g. the Trakehner, the English thoroughbred, the American quarter horse, the Appaloosa and many more.


* People living as nomads in the desert

Character and Temperament

Arabians are said to be nervous and easily startled. Yet, this is usually not the fault of the animals, and the behavior of the sensitive horses is often caused by bad treatment. Normally, Arabians are very friendly, gentle and reliable.

Arabian Horse Photo: Serhii Yushkov/Shutterstock

They Love Endurance Races

Arabians are known for their endurance and are considered to be the fastest horses on long distances worldwide. Therefore it is not surprising that it’s mostly Arabians that come out as winners in endurance riding.

The Oldest Race Horse

According to the Guinness Book of World Records (2002), the oldest horse that has ever won a race, was aged 19 years. It was Andrea Boulton’s Arabian Al Jabal (England).


Where Does the Name Come From?

The name “Arabian” derives from the horse’s native homeland, the Arabian peninsula.

Fun Facts

The Arabian horse has a unique anatomy. Other than most breeds of horses they have only 17 instead of 18 ribs. They also have only 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of 6 and only 15 tail vertebrae, while most other horses have 16 - 18. This enables the Arabians to lift their tails higher than others.

In the horse movie Hidalgo, Frank Hopkins takes part in a 3,000 miles race against Arabians with his Mustang Hidalgo.

Arabian Horse Photo: Olga_i/Shutterstock


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