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English Spot

English Spot Rabbit Pet Profile

Size Small
Weight 5-6 pounds (2.5-3 kg)
Fur Short
Maintenance Low
Personality Friendly, sociable, cheerful
Lifespan 5-9 years
Suitable for Beginners and experienced owners
Origin England
Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Special characteristics Spots, dots, circles and lines
Similar breeds Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Tan Rabbit

English Spot Rabbit Photo: MarkClark22/Shutterstock


Who’s this funny-looking bunny?! The English Spot’s most distinctive characteristics are the cheerful dots and markings on its white fur. These rabbits also have a butterfly-shaped marking on their noses. Their eyes have dark markings around them, their ears are dark and there are dots on their cheeks. They have a dorsal stripe, or herringbone, along their backs. There are lots of dots on their sides, which sometimes look like they’re on an invisible chain.

These small rabbits have a really interesting look, and each one has slightly different markings. It’s almost as if each rabbit wants to tell their very own story.



English Spots are very suitable for families with children, as they are friendly, docile and fun-loving. It’s so much fun to watch them curiously explore their surroundings as they hop, clean themselves and stretch. They aren’t racehorses, but they’re no couch potatoes either - they have just the right amount of energy.

Health and Care

Although their fur is short, it should be groomed once a week. This also lets you check if they’re sick or if any “uninvited guests” (like mites) have settled in. English Spots don’t like being picked up. It doesn’t feel good on their backs. So they’re perhaps not ideal for families with very young children. Older children are better able to respect these animals’ needs.

English Spot Rabbit Photo: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock


English Spots are small rabbits with long, arched bodies. Their fur has a dense undercoat. The upper fur is fine and even. Their vertical ears are 4 inches (10-11 cm) long. English Spots have special markings (see description above).

Fur Color


English Spots are white. The markings and spots on their fur are black, blue, yellow/golden, gray, purple, chocolate or tortoiseshell.

History and Origin

The English Spot comes from England. They were first bred here in the middle of the 19th century. At the time, it was not usual to breed rabbits for their fur markings (rather for their meat so they could be eaten). The English Spot was one of the first rabbit breeds kept “just” for its cute looks.


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